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Posting to DW for the first time, and testing my crossposting setting to LJ. Been on quite a hiatus from posting and fandom, but am wanting to jump back in. It seemed as thought many people were migrating here when I took my break, and I've been told this is the place to be now. So, hi again, peeps! :)

So from those who've done it, would you recommend importing the LJ journal or not? Has anyone found it to not be safe?

Date: 2013-08-14 11:02 am (UTC)
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Hi there! A lot of people have migrated over, mostly, and I'm reading people in both places a lot of the time (for when they forget to crosspost). I've imported my LJ at least once (I did it again, I think, to keep up with the backlog after the first time!), and it's fairly painless and quite safe as far as I can tell.

I like to put the crossposting 'footer' on so that a) people can see on both sides that I've crossposted and from where, and b) when I'm reading LJ I can see if people have commented on DW (just in case the email notifications don't come through...).

Date: 2013-08-15 08:48 am (UTC)
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I think it was because there were a lot of comments on a few LJ entries that I wanted to copy over...

The footer has to be set up - at the top of any 'site' page (e.g. your profile) on DW, you'll see a link called 'Account Settings'; it's there, under the 'Other Sites' tab. They give you a basic default one, but you can customise it. Mine, for instance, says: "[span style="font-size: smaller;"]Also posted at %%url%% where there are %%comment_image%% comments. You may comment here, or on DW with either your DW account or OpenID.[/span]" (Replacing the square brackets with angle brackets, omit opening/closing quotes, obviously!) Also, while you're configuring the cross-poster, you get an option for 'Display cross-post links', which, if ticked, will give you the LJ link at the bottom of your DW post.


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