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So... remember me? No, seriously.

I am back for an update, for those who care. I FINALLY finished season 7 of Criminal Minds JUST NOW, and I wanted to talk about it. And this is the place I do that! But I realized as I turned on the tablet, that SO much has changed. I can't remember what all you know, and I'm too lazy to read back through old entries.

Hey, I'm updating here, and that's a big enough step, right? lol

First and foremost, I GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THE HOTEL BUSINESS AND HAVE A NEW JOB! So, if I never mentioned it, I left the hotel I'd been at for 5 years and went to another one under the same management. It wasn't really much of a change, as it was even at the same exit, so yeah. But the front desk manager had walked out on short notice, and I was still hoping I'd get promoted. And guess what? A few months later, they offered me the supervisor job... and I turned it down. The GM there said they needed second shift, 3-11pm, 5 nights a week, and after 5 years of first shift, I didn't want that. Last time I worked second shift, it was one of the most depressing times in my life, and I never saw my hubby. I said, "What about 10am-7pm? That would allow me to supervise both day shifts, and still leave at a reasonable hour." She said no, that they needed someone second shift all the time. So they promoted a girl who'd only been there a few months. Fine, that was my choice that time, so I was ok.

A few months later, management changes, and they tell me it's not fair for me to have first shift full time anymore, and start making me flip flop shifts. The girl who was promoted was working as many first shifts as I was, so I started looking for a new job. The last few weeks I was there, she literally never scheduled herself after 7pm. She scheduled herself 10am-7pm, actually, exactly what I'd offered to do. So I basically turned down a promotion and a raise over my schedule, and got totally screwed.

On top of that, I hurt my foot (plantar fasciitis), and was told that if I couldn't stand for 8 hours, all they could do was offer me unpaid leave. Because a chair is too much to ask for a long term, stupidly loyal employee, I guess. I also got written up THREE TIMES in the less than a year that I was there, and I'm pretty damn sure it was all because my "manager" (the girl who took the job I turned down) felt threatened by me. Funny how she was a bitch to me since the day I walked in, but the day I put in my notice, the attitude stopped and we got along just swimmingly!

THEN I found out that the owner was losing properties, and the one I moved to was in bankruptcy. The only one that was safe was the one I left! LOL

I really think moving hotels was an attempt by me to stall the inevitable. I was hoping for the best, but I know I felt like it was a last ditch effort to change jobs without actually having to do something scary and REALLY change jobs. I interviewed in August at a vet's office, though, and she said she wanted to offer me the job, but had a schedule change with her current staff, and probably wouldn't have a full time spot open until the fall. When I emailed her again at the start of the semester, she was excited and said she was just about to contact me again. I started on the 12th!

It's looong days (10 hours), which sucks while I'm there, but it means I get more days off during the week. The husband works 10 hour days too, and has for a while, so we now have the same hourly schedule, even if our days aren't the same. I worry a little, because it never seems like there's enough to do to fill 10 hours most days, but I think it's gonna take a while for me to relax in a new place. And I feel relatively secure, as they keep telling me that a lot of people start the job, expecting it to be playing with puppies all day instead of actual work, and usually only lasted a few hours to a few weeks. I think they were so interested in me because I worked at the shelter for a while.

One of the vet techs the other day said they were worried they'd scare me away, because they just sort of threw me into it without a whole lot of training... meanwhile I worry that I might not be doing things right, because they threw me in. She said they would tell me if I wasn't, and I guess it's a good sign that they are "worried" I might leave. I just really want to be doing enough to get a raise after 90 days. I'm not making a whole lot more than I was at the hotel, but it's still more, and I discussed a possible raise based on performance after my probationary period was over.

ZOMG, this got long, and the husband is now poking his head into the bedroom and demanding to be fed. I guess I will have to come back to talk about CM later. Needless to say, I thought this season was way better than 6, and I plan to actually keep up this year instead of watching it all months after it aired. I was seriously watching episodes from January over the summer, seeing commercials for Rick Santorum, and going "WTF?! That idiot is back in the race?! What the--Oh wait, this was recorded months ago. *headdesk*"

Just one thing, though, before I go... Prentiss in that dress in the finale? ROOOOOOWWWWWR.

How is yous guys???
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