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Ah, my DW crosspost from Saturday failed. Here 'tis:

So the funeral was today. It went as well as could be expected, I guess. I'll be honest, I was annoyed by all the God talk. They had a preacher there who talked about verses that reminded him from dad (side note: he met dad once), one of which had the main guy in the story falling on his knees to praise God, worshiping when he had lost everything. The thing is, Dad had lost his faith. He started losing his faith after his 5 month old grandbaby had to have open heart surgery, while his daughter was struggling with newly diagnosed MS, and it continued to decline from there. He was the only person in my family that I could talk honestly about God (or the lack of God) to, and we had a very frank discussion about it in his second to last hospital stay. He asked me how the husband felt about me being an atheist, etc. etc.. That was the same conversation in which he said he thought I did well when I picked my husband. :)

But I know that God stuff was comforting for my family, so I tolerated it. Otherwise, it went well. It was mostly a small group of close friends, family and neighbors (my parents' neighbors are all so good to them), and I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. I gave my eulogy, and it seems to have gone over really well. I nearly lost my composure and almost started sobbing two words into the second sentence, but managed to pull it back pretty quickly and get it out. People laughed a lot, which was what I wanted, and everyone complimented me on it. Mom asked to keep the paper copy of it.

Dad was in the air force for about 6 months when he was young before being honorably discharged for a medical condition the recruitment officer missed in his health exam. Still the military was they to do the flag ceremony and play Taps. Funny how the trumpet started playing the song before the trumpet touched the "player's" lips. lol!

The put the urn in the ground and we all dropped roses in there, and that was that. Then eight of us went for breakfast/lunch, where mom pretty much told me I was pretty and that she loved what I said constantly. I don't know if the sister said anything to her about her being hurtful to me lately, but suddenly I'm getting emails just to say she loves my new hair and shit. *sigh* No middle ground.

The husband and I stopped at a hardware store on the way home and bought a hook to hang dad's old grow lamp, and I got the little that was left of my herbs transplanted to bigger pots. I have a very meager herb operation now. >.> I need to figure out how to make them flourish (my rosemary is dying!), then I plan to add chives and cilantro, and tomatoes and... something else that's good in containers.

Putting my dad's little handwritten plant markers to use already, though. :)
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