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Today was a rough day. The closer I get to Saturday, to giving this eulogy, the more and more bizarre I find myself feeling. Not creepy bizarre or anything, but today on the phones at work I was stammering, totally blanking out on things I know, and fighting some weird tremors. My hands kept shaking. I'm pretty sure dad broke my brain. Or maybe mom broke it when she asked me to do this thing.

Feeling a bit better now, but it comes and goes. On the plus side, though, I think I have a final draft of the eulogy now, though I'm not satisfied with the ending. Why is writing the ending to ANYTHING always so hard?!

Also a good thing, I when I visited mom on Wednesday, she told me I could have dad's old grow light. He had a nice garden when he was well, and apparently started the baby plants under a grow light in the garage. I have always wanted to start an indoor garden in our apartment, but never had the light. Now I do. Along with a few little plant markers in dad's handwriting; "sweet basil", "thyme", "parsley". :)

Problem is where to put my indoor garden. The obvious choice is a table we built for our three legged cat to eat on, which our new kitty uses too. It's large, out of the way, and tall enough to be a good distance from the light. Of course, kicking the cat off the table isn't going to work. She'll be all in it and probably knock pots of dirt and plant all over the floor.

The other option is a stand I have an unused fish tank on. It's not as big or tall or out of the way, but it would work... except where do I then put the fish tank. Maybe put the plants inside it? But then it may get too hot/humid in there...

Anyone have any innovative suggestions for indoor gardening?


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