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So the editor of a website I was writing Dancing With The Stars reviews for emailed me to ask if I could do it this season (along with normal pleasantries--hope your well, yada yada). I'm trying to think of a polite way to say I'll do it if I get paid this time. Obviously if he wants me back, he thinks I have something to offer. Maybe that with my busy schedule (he doesn't need to know I'm not THAT busy) and ill parents, I can't afford to devote much time to something that won't bring in a little extra money? I don't know. Suggestions?

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So almost 3 weeks ago, [ profile] innerslytherin sent me an LJ nudge. I guess it's time to do an update, yes?

I still feel like I have nothing to say. I haven't decided if this is a good feeling or not, to be truthful. I miss talking with you all SO much. But I also feel sort of good to not be SO internet addicted, you know? I've been spending more time with my husband and watching TV.

Mostly I have been sitting around in my pajamas watching Ghost Whisperer online (all five seasons), and Dancing with the Stars. probably boring stuff about DWTS )

Dude, I had to go to the FAQs on LJ to remind myself how to do an LJ cut. Clearly this not posting this is getting ridiculous! April 9th was the last time I actually posted something substantial, and I talked about TV then too. *headdesk*

So... real stuff. The husband and I have recently tried a local Indian restaurant, and I am totally addicted. There was another one we tried before, Sitar, that left us thinking we didn't care for Indian food, but we decided to give a new place, Taj, a shot. I wish I could afford to go there lots more, but we've already been twice within a few weeks!

Um, money situation is much better now. Keeping things more under control with a budget Steph worked out with me. Think we actually have more money than we thought, and are finally saving enough for a new TV, all while keeping money for bills in our checking account weeks in advance, AND making much larger payments on one of my credit cards. I'm really using the budget for more of a guideline than strictly following it, but even that is working out really well.

I stopped going to therapy. It's probably not the best idea, but I feel like I have nothing to say, just like I feel when I make an LJ post. I felt like I was sitting there not saying anything and paying for it. I already owe her a lot of money, so I really don't want to keep adding to it when I don't feel like it's doing anything atm.

And at work, our genius managers decided to take away the front desk chair. So we have to just stand here all day, for 8 hours. Stupidest thing ever, and I'm having trouble with my knees now, which I didn't have before. Is it stupid that this makes me want to find a new job? I didn't get a desk job to stand all day. I do get 3 days off this coming week though, which I asked for. I agreed to write recaps and reviews for the last 2 episodes of dwts (Mon. AND Tues.), and I didn't think I'd have time to get the r&r for Monday's show up before Tuesday's show if I didn't take off. AND the finale of CM is Wednesday! So I have to to do, too. :P

Lastly, I've decided to let my grey grow back out again. I always liked it anyway, and I see these women with solid grey hair and I just think it's beautiful. I get jealous. LOL When I told my husband I was thinking about growing it back out, his response was, "But you'll look old." Um, that was SO not the right reply.

Oh, look, I did have a few things to say! How are all of you? :)
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I want to watch earlier seasons on Dancing With the Stars, but I can't find them anywhere! (ETA: except s4 on Hulu) Nowhere online that I know where to look, and not even on Netflix or to buy on Amazon. Any suggestions?

ETA: Great. I found 1 episode of s7, the first one. I DLed it, only to find there are no more episodes that season to be found! *pout* How is that fair?
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I've been trying to come up with something to say for a few days now. I have been feeling very introverted for a while now. Steph says she's noticed I've been withdrawing for a while, and now that she's pointed it out, I can see it. So I am going to try to attempt a real update. Wish me luck.

So last week I took off from work. I was having a major depressive episode, and none of my meds were working. I was dangerously depressed, and the husband even took off from work too just to make sure I didn't put myself in danger. We added a couple different medications, and finally hit on Seroquel, which seemed to have an immediate effect. Now we're playing with getting rid of the other meds to see if they were even helping. So far, only the Seroquel seems to have had an effect. I'm still depressed, but I don't feel like throwing myself in front of traffic anymore.

Anyway, I have been watching a lot of TV lately. Well, more than normal (which has been close to nothing). I've gotten into Dancing with the Stars, even if I don't know half the contestants. Poor Kate Gosselin. I loved Jon and Kate Plus Eight when I actually caught it (again, rarely watched TV), and the poor woman has been through so much lately. She is a horrible performer, but man is she brave to even attempt DwtS. I can't help but want to see her go far. And it's adorable that she always says 'I love you' to her kids every episode.

I also caught an episode of The Ghost Whisperer, and got sucked into an entire marathon. I watched it for hours, and it is so damn cheesy, but I couldn't stop watching. *sigh* I've been watching Project Runway and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution too.

Also, I really want to call B (the guy who stole money and threatened another employee, then told me he had the hots for me). I could probably find a way to get his number. I know it's a stupid idea, but the guy needs help, and I can't just stop caring about him.

So as you can see, my life has been very exciting. Things have been okay since I came back to work. Not many people have asked questions, thankfully. I have a feeling I can probably kiss the idea of a promotion goodbye, though, between as much as I've been sick this spring and my recent absence. Ugh.

Oh look! A whole entry! I did it! So how are you guys?


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