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10! 10! 10! Yaaaaaaybigfuckingdeal... (*cough* I started writing this yesterday, so deal with it.)

So I am even MORE frustrated with my job than I have been lately. The owners bought a new hotel and took one of our desk clerks over there, which I don't care about, but they also took our head of housekeeping. We have another housekeeper that's been here since this place opened, knows the property backwards and forwards, and does the head housekeeper's job on her days off. And management hired someone new to take over the head housekeeper position. I am pissed, partly on behalf of the girl (woman, really) that stayed, but also because if she doesn't get promoted after 15+ years, how the hell am I supposed to believe that I will ever get promoted? C, the new front desk manager, keeps talking about how I'll get promoted if I stick around, and the new GM has been asking me quite often how I think things are going, or how the staff meetings went, and that was giving me hope... but I feel like I'm being strung along at this point. What am I supposed to believe? What I'm told or what I SEE? Seeing is believing, right? Heh.

Also, stuff with writing for the other blog fell through. Got an email from the girl I know that people she was sending their way weren't getting emails back and she wanted to see if I had. I hadn't so I told her that and emailed the other editor again. Saturday I asked the girl I know if I should try again, and got this response: "I checked back with C and the impression I got was that she wasn't interested in bringing you on board." C never even talked to me. I don't know if she even read my stuff at TTC. And that SUCKS. I know that rejection is part of this writing thing, but I had an in this time, and they didn't so much as chat with me. I'm annoyed. And yes, a little insecure now. *sigh*

Maybe I'm too conversational in my reviews and it comes off as unprofessional. I can't decide if I should look at changing my style, or if I should just say "fuck it, this is how I like to write, and someone will just have to appreciate that instead of changing myself."

Insults, Lennon, Krispy Kremes, and dieting stuffs )

Also, I've been watching Running Wilde and LOVING it. And I got to interview Will Arnett last week!
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So some of you remember I’d been talking about a possible manager position coming open, and you and Dr. M all encouraged me to tell the bosses I was interested. So I did. Opening date of the new hotel has been pushed back and back, so I wasn’t sure when to expect to hear. Yesterday I did. C told me what she knew, I guess to give me a heads up/warning. They hired a new guy a couple months ago, and they are making him the manager here, and moving C to the new hotel. I’ve been here FOUR YEARS, and they give it to the guy they just hired?! He has a little experience, but he’s been working at a fucking Krystal for a while before coming here, NOT as a manager. And how am I supposed to GET experience if no one gives me a chance?

Seriously, one of the things I liked about this place when I started was that they promoted from within. WTF. FOUR YEARS. I don’t want to be a damn desk clerk next year, or the year after that, or the year after that. And clearly if they were going to promote me, they would have. I’m pissed and depressed, and I can’t fucking STAND the guy they’re promoting. Guests like him a lot, but he’s a HUGE PHONEY. Ugh.

I finally saw the foot doctor yesterday. He says I have turf toe, and gave me steroids to help with it. I’m a little nervous about it, since it can cause mood changes. I didn't exactly want to tell the damn foot doctor that I'm bipolar. I wonder if the Prozac and Lamictal will hold up to the steroid. We’ll see. He told me if I couldn’t take the side effects, I could stop taking them. He also gave me this pad to wear in my shoe, but I’m not sure if that’s helping or hurting, really. It IS annoying, though.

So I posted fic the other day, and I’m not happy with it. I was unsure to begin with, then I posted. And then I regretted it later. I feel like there should have been more build up than there was. Maybe I can expand it into a larger fic. I want to write longer fic anyway. I need to get inspired, though. Maybe I’ll write loooooong fic for [ profile] cm_exchange this year.

Speaking of which, I CANNOT BELIEVE it’s time for me and [ profile] innerslytherin to think about [ profile] cm_exchange again! We need to kick it off this month. Like SOON. And the lovely, sane [ profile] resolucidity is helping us out this year. :D You all better play again this year (or start playing), or we’ll hunt you down!
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There is this woman in our hotel that keeps calling me baby. Ugh, if you don't know me, don't call me baby. I don't care if you're a man or a woman. In fact, even if you do know me, don't call me baby. The only people who can get away with that are my parents. I am their baby, you know? It's just... I don't know. Condescending? That doesn't seem like the right word, but I'm not sure what the right word is.

So, I am at work today. My day would be half over right now, but I'm staying late tonight. They asked me to stay last night and tonight, but I had plans to write with [ profile] innerslytherin last night. Tonight I have no excuse, and the guy who called out is out because his parents are both sick with cancer, and he needs to take care of his mother. I can't blame him. I'm still sort of regretting agreeing to come in, but whatever.

Another hot day today. Supposed to get near 100, but fortunately I'll be inside. The ac at work is sorta lame and won't keep up, but getting up to the 80s in here is better than the 90s out there.
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So almost 3 weeks ago, [ profile] innerslytherin sent me an LJ nudge. I guess it's time to do an update, yes?

I still feel like I have nothing to say. I haven't decided if this is a good feeling or not, to be truthful. I miss talking with you all SO much. But I also feel sort of good to not be SO internet addicted, you know? I've been spending more time with my husband and watching TV.

Mostly I have been sitting around in my pajamas watching Ghost Whisperer online (all five seasons), and Dancing with the Stars. probably boring stuff about DWTS )

Dude, I had to go to the FAQs on LJ to remind myself how to do an LJ cut. Clearly this not posting this is getting ridiculous! April 9th was the last time I actually posted something substantial, and I talked about TV then too. *headdesk*

So... real stuff. The husband and I have recently tried a local Indian restaurant, and I am totally addicted. There was another one we tried before, Sitar, that left us thinking we didn't care for Indian food, but we decided to give a new place, Taj, a shot. I wish I could afford to go there lots more, but we've already been twice within a few weeks!

Um, money situation is much better now. Keeping things more under control with a budget Steph worked out with me. Think we actually have more money than we thought, and are finally saving enough for a new TV, all while keeping money for bills in our checking account weeks in advance, AND making much larger payments on one of my credit cards. I'm really using the budget for more of a guideline than strictly following it, but even that is working out really well.

I stopped going to therapy. It's probably not the best idea, but I feel like I have nothing to say, just like I feel when I make an LJ post. I felt like I was sitting there not saying anything and paying for it. I already owe her a lot of money, so I really don't want to keep adding to it when I don't feel like it's doing anything atm.

And at work, our genius managers decided to take away the front desk chair. So we have to just stand here all day, for 8 hours. Stupidest thing ever, and I'm having trouble with my knees now, which I didn't have before. Is it stupid that this makes me want to find a new job? I didn't get a desk job to stand all day. I do get 3 days off this coming week though, which I asked for. I agreed to write recaps and reviews for the last 2 episodes of dwts (Mon. AND Tues.), and I didn't think I'd have time to get the r&r for Monday's show up before Tuesday's show if I didn't take off. AND the finale of CM is Wednesday! So I have to to do, too. :P

Lastly, I've decided to let my grey grow back out again. I always liked it anyway, and I see these women with solid grey hair and I just think it's beautiful. I get jealous. LOL When I told my husband I was thinking about growing it back out, his response was, "But you'll look old." Um, that was SO not the right reply.

Oh, look, I did have a few things to say! How are all of you? :)
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I keep having these horrible bouts of self-doubt about this promotion thing. One minute I'm telling myself that I've been here the longest, I do a good job, and they know I can do it. The next moment I'm convinced that they won't promote me because I don't clean up as well as the boys do, or because I have a tattoo (I'm wearing a watch over it today), or because they just plain don't think I'm good enough. It doesn't help that they are already training someone on doing sales (that's what it looks like anyway), and he says he needs to learn to handle difficult customer complaints. If they are training him, why wouldn't they be training a new manager?

Plus the universe is conspiring against me. I'm not kidding. First of all, I was out sick a few weeks ago. Then the very day after I told them I was interested in a promotion, my alarm didn't go off and I was 30 minutes late. Friends assured me that since it wasn't normally a problem, they would probably overlook it. Then a regular guest blamed me for all this shit that went down when I wasn't even here. Then this crazy lady called and I talked to her about a suite. On my day off, C called to ask me about her because apparently this lady claimed I told her all day long that we didn't have ANY rooms available, and that I offered her $187 for two rooms, which is above what two rooms would cost right now, and hello? Random number much? I mean, I know none of these complaints are real and/or my fault, but it still makes an impressions none the less that suddenly I get two major complaints against me.

This is driving me crazy. I don't even know when the new hotel is supposed to be opening, and it's driving me crazy. Quite honestly, if someone else around here gets promoted to the front desk manager position and I don't, it will be fucking humiliating considering my seniority.

Someone distract me. Write me something. RP with me (I'm still in begging mode for IT Crowd). Anything. *makes blinky eyes*
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So I got up and ate old soup for breakfast. Expired five years ago, but it tasted fine, and so far, I'm alive. The smell and appearance test before consuming is working wonders so far. Last night I had seven year expired potatoes and spaghetti and meatballs. I was surprised the pasta was okay, but it was, so so far it seems like it's the Chef Boyardee that's gone all weird. I'll try opening one more can of that, and all of it is garbage if the third can of the stuff is bad.

Anyway, I got a package in the mail yesterday from [ profile] mcgarrygirl78, and I just wanted to say publicly that I can't love this girl enough. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met online, and I hope someday I'll actually get to meet her in RL. That would kick some major ass.

So today I am home from work. I hurt my back yesterday and spent several hours in a suite laying down because it hurt so much. Plus side is that I got paid to sleep on our super comfortable beds. A steady diet of Ibuprofen and rest seems to have really helped, though. I probably could have gone back to work today, but I didn't think bending over repeatedly to the printer and cleaning would go over well with my body.

Instead, I am going to the movies and out to eat with [ profile] carolinecrane. We had plans to do that after I got out of work today anyway, and sitting in a chair and watching a movie/eating isn't too taxing. Let's all just cross our fingers that I don't get caught out by one of my workmates, or worse, the owners.

(Also, randomly, the number of messages I have in my LJ inbox equals my birth year.)
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Had a great time with [ profile] carolinecrane last night. I got clobbered (in a good way) by an excitable Golden. We ate pizza and watched But I'm a Cheerleader, which I'd always heard was good, and it was! :)

Today is the first day of a seven day stretch of work. Not looking forward to extra K this week and next. *sigh* Oh well. Came in today and there was a bunch of notices on the board, though. Apparently there was a string of robberies in this general area earlier in the week. :/

In other news, I know I already posted a vid of this band, but I'm pretty much obsessed now. Who knew I could get into electro?


Jul. 13th, 2009 09:07 pm
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The tooth hurts worse now than it did when I had the damned root canal. I sort of want to lay in bed and cry. I sent the husband out for Orajel, and he came back with this liquid stuff that has tiny cotton balls you're supposed to soak and stick in your cavity. Problem one? I don't actually have a cavity. Husband reading label fail. Problem two? It smells like cloves, which is not bad in and of itself, but it tastes like what I would imagine nail polish remover would taste like. And it did nothing for the tooth. It numbed my tongue and lips, but do you see how that doesn't help me right now?

Someone shoot me. I mean it. I am so sick of this. I need drugs. Good drugs. Omg paaaaaiiiiin. *whimpers*

In other news, I've decided that I don't give a shit if K thinks I'm stupid (she talks to me like I am, so it would stand to reason). Why? I am not only a better person than she is, I'm at least ten times smarter than she is for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that I understand basic human decency, and know that fear and respect are not the same thing.

Next time she talks to me like I'm an idiot and there's no one else there (she's more likely to fly off the handle if I call her out in front of people), I'm telling her to stop.
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It really makes everything that much more terrifying that the first staffing place I called advised me not to leave my current job unless it was under dire circumstances because of the employment climate of late.

I bought nice new interview clothes (with an Xmas gift certificate), was all pumped and dressed up and ready to make a great impression... then that.

I want to crawl into a hole now.
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Someone tell me something nice. Anything. I am half way between tears and beating the ever-living fuck out of someone.
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If I have to work with T all the time, I might just tear her hair out. She talks, and talks, and talks, and gets in my way, and the little bit of work I have? She does, so I'm even more bored than normal. I squeezed in a little writing when she stepped away for bits at a time, and she was only with me for 4 hours. It was four hours too long.

Anyway, without the distraction of internet and her not standing over my shoulder all day, I doubled the word count on my Reid/Rossi drug fic! I mean, it's still not long, only about 4k, but it took two months to write the first 2 k, so 2 more in two days is nice. I have a sort of skeleton ending now, I figured how to make it work without shoving Spencer into rehab, and some of the other pieces are falling in place. I need to do some research on heroin withdrawal, however. >.>

I need to be without internet more often to finish these things, apparently. :P Not that I didn't know it's a distraction, but I tend to cling to the internet anyway. Heh.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 07:59 am
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Anyone know how to clear my internet usage from my work computer's history so even the IT guys won't find it? Idiot at work downloaded a virus onto the other computer (apparently--it keeps dying, won't stay on longer than a minute), and they're going to be all up in my business. This computer isn't even supposed to have access, but I've been getting on via a non-blocked browser (Mozilla) from my USB. If possible, I need to make it so they can't tell that ASAP.

Halp. *wibbles*

Work, coffee, work!
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Does anyone know anything about Cat 3 and Cat 5? I hear it's being installed on work computers, and I'm pretty sure it means she'll be able to monitor every damn thing we do. Which means no more work internet.

FUCK. What the hell am I supposed to do? No matter what she says, if we're slow, there's only enough work to fill a couple of my eight hours.

Some geeky computer person tell me I'm wrong. Please.


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