Sep. 8th, 2013 08:15 pm
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Trying to write "Five Times Castiel Refused to Dance and One Time He Didn't", with some pre-series and post-series scenes.

Staring at the screen and thinking this is stupid.

Prompts, anyone?
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Is there anyone who has medical knowledge who wouldn't mind advising me on a fic? I'm specifically interested in spinal injuries resulting in disability, but I'm willing to explore other options of permanently crippling someone. >.>
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So some of you remember I’d been talking about a possible manager position coming open, and you and Dr. M all encouraged me to tell the bosses I was interested. So I did. Opening date of the new hotel has been pushed back and back, so I wasn’t sure when to expect to hear. Yesterday I did. C told me what she knew, I guess to give me a heads up/warning. They hired a new guy a couple months ago, and they are making him the manager here, and moving C to the new hotel. I’ve been here FOUR YEARS, and they give it to the guy they just hired?! He has a little experience, but he’s been working at a fucking Krystal for a while before coming here, NOT as a manager. And how am I supposed to GET experience if no one gives me a chance?

Seriously, one of the things I liked about this place when I started was that they promoted from within. WTF. FOUR YEARS. I don’t want to be a damn desk clerk next year, or the year after that, or the year after that. And clearly if they were going to promote me, they would have. I’m pissed and depressed, and I can’t fucking STAND the guy they’re promoting. Guests like him a lot, but he’s a HUGE PHONEY. Ugh.

I finally saw the foot doctor yesterday. He says I have turf toe, and gave me steroids to help with it. I’m a little nervous about it, since it can cause mood changes. I didn't exactly want to tell the damn foot doctor that I'm bipolar. I wonder if the Prozac and Lamictal will hold up to the steroid. We’ll see. He told me if I couldn’t take the side effects, I could stop taking them. He also gave me this pad to wear in my shoe, but I’m not sure if that’s helping or hurting, really. It IS annoying, though.

So I posted fic the other day, and I’m not happy with it. I was unsure to begin with, then I posted. And then I regretted it later. I feel like there should have been more build up than there was. Maybe I can expand it into a larger fic. I want to write longer fic anyway. I need to get inspired, though. Maybe I’ll write loooooong fic for [ profile] cm_exchange this year.

Speaking of which, I CANNOT BELIEVE it’s time for me and [ profile] innerslytherin to think about [ profile] cm_exchange again! We need to kick it off this month. Like SOON. And the lovely, sane [ profile] resolucidity is helping us out this year. :D You all better play again this year (or start playing), or we’ll hunt you down!
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You guys, I hate to be so spammy today, but I am at work with not a damn thing to do. I am bored and lonely. Hellllp meeee.

Give me prompts. Nothing specific to any fandom (actually, you can give me IT Crowd prompts, but no other fandoms). Give me words/phrases/quotes/etc. Give me something. Anything.

Also I am teaching myself how to type correctly, with all ten fingers. It's a bitch. This took me 900 hours to type.

...and I think I may make a better version of this icon when I get home. The fuzziness bugs me.

ETA: This is my better version of the icon. Still not great.
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A couple of you heard this in a chat last night but...

How the fuck did I wind up with a het otp in CM fandom? (Other than that they are SO CANAON, I mean.) HET! Wtf?! I'm gonna lose my slasher cred, man!

Thank God I still have The Mighty Boosh and IT Crowd fandoms. They are a safe haven from the damned het bunnies.
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Why is PWP porn so damn hard to write?

Also, I have another packet of Fun Dips, and I think I'm gonna eat it now. :D
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One thing I am supremely grateful for lately is that keyboards can't get soggy.
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OMFG! I wrote about 2000 words of Big Bang fic today at work on the Portable Apps version of AbiWord. Took my usb home and tried to open it. It gave me an error, then the doc disappeared from the list of recent docs. WTF?

As much as I don't like the idea of this doc sitting around at work, I HAD BETTER find 2k worth of manipulative, ultra-bitchy, withdrawing from opiates!Reid on that computer when I get there tomorrow. HAD BETTER. OR I WILL HURT SOMEONE.


(Please note: "infuriated" might be a bit strong of a mood choice. It's really more like "pissed", but my infuriated mood is so pretty, yes? And I've never used it before. >.>)


May. 31st, 2009 02:26 pm
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DOOD, the super angsty Hotch/Rossi fic [ profile] innerslytherin and I are working on (the one that triggers me a bit... okay triggers me a lot, at times) is at 56,000 words! And we just barely got into the second half!

This thing will likely be longer than The Expansion of Two Natures. O.O
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

According to the date I created this journal, this would have been my first entry: Numero Uno.

Hee! I had just posted my first drabble EVAR (over at [ profile] snupin100), apparently, and I just reread it. It was actually sort of cute. I also think that was the first time I ever talked to [ profile] cordeliadelayne in the drabble post, and after that I never forgot how utterly sweet she was.

I also talked about hoping it would spark something other than fanfic a little. I had been a fine artist before, and sculpture was a passion of mine, and then I dropped out of school (the first time) and lost that community that supported me. I had made me sad for a long time that I had lost that. Anyway, I was new to writing fic then and had started writing it after RPing Snupin for a while. Awww, I was a baby ficcer, how cute! I actually joined LJ because I wanted a place to post my fic and get feedback (I HAD been posting it to my now-deleted Myspace. Heh.) I never imagined the friends that I had then wouldn't be in my life anymore, or that I would find such great friends here. New friends won't replace them, but I have made some awesome ones along the way, people who help and support me when I need them, and who I adore. I never expected to find COMMUNITY here, and I'm not just talking literal communities. It's been an awesome thing, and all because I wanted to share my then-mediocre fic.

Ooh, and this guy I mentioned. Dude, I remember him! He was creeeeeeepy. he lived at the hotel I worked in, and I was alone on Sundays there. he used to come up and talk to me and say creepy things. He'd try to get me to come to his room, ask me which car I drove, and he propositioned the housekeepers. The cops came once because he was apparently stalking the girls at the Walgreens across the street, and they found nasty porn strewn everywhere in his room and some sort of sex harness hanging from the ceiling. The cops told us to stay clear of him. And yet the managers there cared nothing about our safety, only about getting paid, and never kicked him out. TRUE Unsub, dude. For serious. It's really amazing, looking back, that nothing happened, especially to those of us who worked alone with him in the building.

Oh yeah, and I was having jaw issues back then, too. I mentioned here before that I got fucked over by a dentist and my jaw hurt for a good year. Yeah, it must have still been hurting then, though I'm not sure how close or far that was from the actual fillings that caused it.


Apr. 5th, 2009 11:25 am
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[ profile] elekanahmen? You suck.

I'm writing GIRL PORN again, and I BLAME YOU.


P.S. I love you. <3333333
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Unless there's been an explosion of conversation at LJ since last night (I haven't checked my flist yet), I'm really surprised that more people in the CM fandom aren't talking about this. *sigh* To be perfectly honest, I hate citing CMFB, but they're the only ones with the story so far. Meh. You can still comment to my post @ TTC instead. ;) You love me. LOL

Still, I'm sad. Harold, not so much, but it's still bothersome, in Wilder and Fisher's cases especially (in spite of, honestly, not being all that enthused with Wilder's contributions this season). Boo budget cuts. Those two were, overall, TEH AWESOME. *sigh* I'm going to cross my fingers that we don't hear a goodbye from Bruner after only letting him give us one stellar episode.

'Stellar' is my word of the moment, btw. I blame it on writing Garcia a lot more lately. :P

P.S. ~21,000 words of Hotch/Garcia (with porn!) is done. ijs.

Also, I'll probably be posting my "soundtrack" for the Rossi/Prentiss What Happens in Vegas universe soonish. We've started writing an AU of that universe, and I want to get it up before the AU starts getting posted this month. :)
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My Spencer muse has decided that he has a thing for spanking his lovers during sex. No matter who his partner is.

Right now he wants to spank Aaron so bad that it's killing him that I won't let him. Heh.

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If I have to work with T all the time, I might just tear her hair out. She talks, and talks, and talks, and gets in my way, and the little bit of work I have? She does, so I'm even more bored than normal. I squeezed in a little writing when she stepped away for bits at a time, and she was only with me for 4 hours. It was four hours too long.

Anyway, without the distraction of internet and her not standing over my shoulder all day, I doubled the word count on my Reid/Rossi drug fic! I mean, it's still not long, only about 4k, but it took two months to write the first 2 k, so 2 more in two days is nice. I have a sort of skeleton ending now, I figured how to make it work without shoving Spencer into rehab, and some of the other pieces are falling in place. I need to do some research on heroin withdrawal, however. >.>

I need to be without internet more often to finish these things, apparently. :P Not that I didn't know it's a distraction, but I tend to cling to the internet anyway. Heh.
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I seriously love this icon. Is that weird? I mean, I made it, and my vision fails me, so it's probably crap, but I can't stop using it...

I've recently realized I have a serious issue with exclamation points in dialogue in fic. I use them all the time in comments, emails, etc... but in fic dialogue, I have grown to hate them. Is it just me?

[Poll #1359755]
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Oh, this makes me want D/s Spencer/Dave, with Dave as the submissive, SOOOOO bad.  >.>


Oh, yes, folks. It will happen.
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I was driving home today, listening to music, and thought this lyric would make a good prompt for a dark/darkish CM fic. Thought I'd share it and hope someone gets inspired. :)

"And in defiance of our alliance, I say 'go away and lick your wounds'.
And if you get them really clean again, you can dream away your dark dreams."

~ Rasputina
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God... Okay...

I might need someone willing to beta read explicit femslash by tomorrow night. MIGHT.

JJ/Emily, fantasy!JJ/Rossi/Emily, NC-17 (and probably involving a sex toy of some sort), coda to Zoe's Reprise, shouldn't be too terribly long. Any takers if I finish it?
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[ profile] cmfanficawards nominations went up a bit ago, and let me just say I am floored! (ETA: Holy shit, I did not just mean to parrot [ profile] innerslytherin's words, but there's not a better description I can think of. Ooops.) My nominations:

Solo-written fic:

Best New Author
Best Author Overall

Best One-shot:
Pumpkin; and Worthy of the Word
Best Slash Romance: Worthy of the Word

Collab w/[ profile] innerslytherin:

Best Author Team-up:
A Better Plan; Baby, It's Cold Outside; and Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Best Multi-chapter: Miles to Go Before We Sleep; and The Expansion of Two Natures
Best Series: Fathers are Not Born
Best Slash Romance: A Better Plan; and Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Best Smut/Sex Scene: Conscious of Our Treasures; and Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog
Best Portrayal of a Supporting Character: Never Would it be Night, But Always Clear Day (for Diana Reid); and Puddle Wonderful (for Jack Hotchner)

There are links to all of these at the nomination post, which I linked above. Right now, it's 3am my time, and I'm too zombie-like to add them. I might later, though. (ETA: links added :))

I just have a few things to say...

1. First and foremost, OMFG GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ANYONE WHO NOMINATED THESE FICS. I was expecting one or two, as I was notified of one, and had someone else tell me they were nominating me for something, but this many? It's blown me away! (And made me blush a little. Just a little. ^_~) THANK YOU ALL x TEN!

two more under cut )

4. Lastly, as I was very proud of Worthy of the Word, even if it occasionally gave me headaches, so I am even more proud that it got nominated in two categories. It was, honestly, the only solo nomination I was holding out any hope for, so yes. Yes. This. *beams stupidly* Thank you anon nominator(s)! Very, very much! :D


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