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Hey all! Haven't posted in a while here because life, but I thought I would come share my original writing FB page if anyone wanted to follow me beyond the DW/fanfic world. I'm currently writing an lgbt-friendly urban fantasy/supernatural/zombie novel. *G* I plan to self publish it this year. If you want to follow me as an author and my progress, please go like Jennifer L. Decker - Author Page on FB!

Hope you all are doing well! Leave me a comment here if you'd like; I miss chatting with you all!
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So last night I went to a local writer's group with [ profile] carolinecrane. I was really ridiculously nervous, and I think I was shaking at first. Stupid social phobia. But I made myself go for exactly that reason. I want to get the fuck over that stupid part of me that always assumes I'm going to make an idiot out of myself, or believes that no one will like me. Stupid, huh? Yeah, I know. But it takes time to get over deeply held beliefs about yourself, even when people act otherwise/tell me otherwise.

Anyway, it was a group of strangers to us both, and it turned out to be... interesting. As Caroline said, some of the members might actually be worth it, while others, not so much. There was one guy that actually reminded me a lot of my dad. Major control issues. Another guy talked on and on, and did a little show and tell of his book, then read an excerpt of his book that equated gay people with murderers and whores. Yeah, I could go without ever seeing that guy again. I plan to go to a few more meetings with Caroline to see if it's worth my time, though. I might be pleasantly surprised with smaller "splinter groups" (that will hopefully not be of interest to those two guys), and if I'm not, I can walk away without strings.

So anyway, I am sitting here bored at work. Somehow it's better than bored at home, because bored at home brings the depression more often. I need to write up a huge list of things that need to be done (like clean, reorganize the cupboards, etc) and actually use it when I get bored. Maybe that will help. For right now? Entertain me, guys, if you will. Tell me a story, write me a fic, anything. A little Rossi/Prentiss fluff would be nice. Or anything, really.
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I could seriously babble on about writing all day. Cut for your sanity )

Also started working on a H/R fanmix. I just... I've been... hm. *sighs and gives them doe-eyed looks*

I thought I had more to say today. In fact, I know I did. I'm just too tired to remember what it was...


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