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Helium Raven ([personal profile] severity_softly) wrote2012-02-06 11:15 pm

*grabby hands*

I'm sitting here having slash fantasies about political analysts. I'm sicker in the head than I thought, aren't I? But get a load of "LAMBCHOP" and tell me you don't see it too! Unnnngh.

(Hope the link works; couldn't figure out how to embed from any of the browsers on my tablet.)
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[personal profile] innerslytherin 2012-02-07 06:05 am (UTC)(link)
...I'm confused. Rachel Maddow likes women. But she's so freaking cute with Lambchop. LOL

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IKR!!! If reverse slash (an expression I just made up to mean gay people secretly being straight lol) weren't so wrong, I would be all over that shit. XD But because it IS just wrong, I went to thinking about what cool politics boy geeks he'd look cute with. (Of course Maddow being "andro", as Lils would say, makes it a little slash even in a same gemder situation. :p)