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I just got my banners in my email for the 2010 [ profile] cmfanficawards, and I wanted to say THANK YOU to every one of you who voted for me and [ profile] innerslytherin! Six of our co-written fics won awards this year, and I am ESPECIALLY pleased to find that "O Captain, My Captain" won both Best Author Team Up and Best Het Rare Pair. When we decided to do Hotch/Garcia, I really had doubts that anyone would want to read it! It feels great to know it was so well liked!

If anyone is interested, I've posted my banners for the awards with links to each fic HERE, but mostly I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I haven't been around as an author much in the past year (in fact, I just looked at my solo fics from last year and was SHOCKED to find less that 3,000 words total there!), but I want you all to know how much I appreciate you all who continue to read my fics.
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All the fanfic awards I won in 2010. Click the banner to be swept away to the fic!

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Mar. 22nd, 2010 09:32 pm
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*cough* ijs.
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I keep having these horrible bouts of self-doubt about this promotion thing. One minute I'm telling myself that I've been here the longest, I do a good job, and they know I can do it. The next moment I'm convinced that they won't promote me because I don't clean up as well as the boys do, or because I have a tattoo (I'm wearing a watch over it today), or because they just plain don't think I'm good enough. It doesn't help that they are already training someone on doing sales (that's what it looks like anyway), and he says he needs to learn to handle difficult customer complaints. If they are training him, why wouldn't they be training a new manager?

Plus the universe is conspiring against me. I'm not kidding. First of all, I was out sick a few weeks ago. Then the very day after I told them I was interested in a promotion, my alarm didn't go off and I was 30 minutes late. Friends assured me that since it wasn't normally a problem, they would probably overlook it. Then a regular guest blamed me for all this shit that went down when I wasn't even here. Then this crazy lady called and I talked to her about a suite. On my day off, C called to ask me about her because apparently this lady claimed I told her all day long that we didn't have ANY rooms available, and that I offered her $187 for two rooms, which is above what two rooms would cost right now, and hello? Random number much? I mean, I know none of these complaints are real and/or my fault, but it still makes an impressions none the less that suddenly I get two major complaints against me.

This is driving me crazy. I don't even know when the new hotel is supposed to be opening, and it's driving me crazy. Quite honestly, if someone else around here gets promoted to the front desk manager position and I don't, it will be fucking humiliating considering my seniority.

Someone distract me. Write me something. RP with me (I'm still in begging mode for IT Crowd). Anything. *makes blinky eyes*
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Got a lot accomplished today! :) I returned a Xmas sweatshirt and got a nice shirt instead. Got my driver's license renewed (the husband paid). We got the dogs (and cat) a giant dog bed with a Xmas gift card, and currently only the cat and one of the dogs is using. The second dog seems entirely unsure of this new addition to our apartment. LOL Oh, and we got 50% off a heart shaped box of chocolates, and Cadburry Creme Eggs! Omgguystheyaresooogood.

...Aaaaaaand I just lost all will to finish writing this. It was supposed to be an upbeat post, but I've suddenly hit a wall of depression again. Fun times. My sponsor and Innerslytherin both have told me that my days off seem the hardest for me. It sure as hell isn't because I miss my job. I thought maybe it was because I wasn't keeping myself occupied, so I went out and did a lot of stuff I'd been putting off, but that doesn't seem to have staved off the depression either. Maybe next Wednesday I try exercise? *sigh* I need more local friends. And I need a bipolar tag. Why don't I already have one?

Dude, do I tag this with "yayz!" or "woes" or both? *headdesk*
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All the fanfic awards I won in 2009. Click the banner to be swept away to the fic!

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No, I did not look at this ahead of time. And the surprise was WELL WORTH IT. OMG IT'S GORGEOUS HOTCH/ROSSI ART, GUYS!!! Please go look at it and give my artist the love and praise she deserves. GO NOW! (Might be mildly not safe for work.)
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Announcing [ profile] ssa_rossi!

David Rossi lovers, unite! [ profile] severity_softly and [ profile] innerslytherin are excited to announce the opening of a community entirely dedicated to adoring SSA David Rossi. Feel free to post anything you'd like about him here, fic, art, icons, episode and/or general discussion, canon, fanmixes, fanvids, etc. Gen, slash, and het are all welcome!

We'll be running monthly challenges, and our first one is the SSA Rossi 'Backstory Drabble/Ficlet' Challenge! For our first challenge, we don't want to get too ambitious, so we're asking people to write 100-500 words of backstory for David Rossi. It can be about any period of his history that you want. And don't forget--poems, graphics, and other contributions can also be part of the challenge! The challenge will end at midnight on April 30.

Come join us and have fun!

We have another comm under construction, atm, too. We'll let you know when it's done. :)
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SNOOOOW! THERE IS SNOW, A COUPLE INCHES ON THE GROUND, OMG!!! This almost never happens. It probably won't melt, though, and we have a 50% chance of more, so hopefully it won't be too packed down and slick when I drive home. They should be out salting the roads now, I hope... BUT OMG SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!

Also, I had a dream last night that I worked on CM (I'm guessing as a writer, though the dream was unclear on that part), and I'd also written a play, and it was going to Broadway. I found out while I was on set. I was squeeing and jumping around. Shemar was jumping around with me and hugging me, and Joe was waxing poetic about his experience on Broadway. *snort*

Oh, my head, she is a funny place.
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All the fanfic awards I won in 2008. Click the banner to be swept away to the fic where applicable!

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The fanfic awards I won in 2007. Click the banner to be swept away to the fic!

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[ profile] cmfanficawards nominations went up a bit ago, and let me just say I am floored! (ETA: Holy shit, I did not just mean to parrot [ profile] innerslytherin's words, but there's not a better description I can think of. Ooops.) My nominations:

Solo-written fic:

Best New Author
Best Author Overall

Best One-shot:
Pumpkin; and Worthy of the Word
Best Slash Romance: Worthy of the Word

Collab w/[ profile] innerslytherin:

Best Author Team-up:
A Better Plan; Baby, It's Cold Outside; and Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Best Multi-chapter: Miles to Go Before We Sleep; and The Expansion of Two Natures
Best Series: Fathers are Not Born
Best Slash Romance: A Better Plan; and Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Best Smut/Sex Scene: Conscious of Our Treasures; and Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog
Best Portrayal of a Supporting Character: Never Would it be Night, But Always Clear Day (for Diana Reid); and Puddle Wonderful (for Jack Hotchner)

There are links to all of these at the nomination post, which I linked above. Right now, it's 3am my time, and I'm too zombie-like to add them. I might later, though. (ETA: links added :))

I just have a few things to say...

1. First and foremost, OMFG GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ANYONE WHO NOMINATED THESE FICS. I was expecting one or two, as I was notified of one, and had someone else tell me they were nominating me for something, but this many? It's blown me away! (And made me blush a little. Just a little. ^_~) THANK YOU ALL x TEN!

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4. Lastly, as I was very proud of Worthy of the Word, even if it occasionally gave me headaches, so I am even more proud that it got nominated in two categories. It was, honestly, the only solo nomination I was holding out any hope for, so yes. Yes. This. *beams stupidly* Thank you anon nominator(s)! Very, very much! :D


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