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Spending the morning working on some new stand-up. I need to finish the [ profile] bau_bigbang fic, but I can't focus on that at work with all the interruptions, so I will finish it tonight or tomorrow (mods were lovely enough to give me an extension). Coming up with a few funny-ish things this morning. Nothing brilliant, but it's a new start, and everything can be polished. I need to find my old notebooks with stand-up ideas. I had pages and pages of stuff, and I think I know where they are. Some of it may not be usable now, but we'll see.

I'm hoping to go to Side Splitters tonight to see the open mic and get a feel for it. I need to start watching more stand up to get a sense of it again like I used to have, and I definitely need to see what the crowds are like (if "crowd" could even be used to describe it) at open mics if I want to be prepared to do one. *G* Hurray! I feel good about writing it again. And I'm being brave all around lately, so YAY!

So the plan is finish the Big Bang fic, then focus on the stand-up and the novel I'm writing with [ profile] innerslytherin. Comedy and crime fiction. Wtf is wrong with me?

My work day is 5/8ths over with. Praise cheeses. I iz board.
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I JUST SUBMITTED MY [ profile] bau_bigbang DRAFT!! This is after writing over 10k in six days. *collapse* [ profile] innerslytherin and [ profile] resolucidity assure me it's not shit, too! *g*

17300 / 20000 words. 87% done!

I never write this fast on solo-fics, folks. I need a nap now.
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So I passed the draft min word count, but I still feel like there are a few gaps to fill in before I can turn my [ profile] bau_bigbang fic in tomorrow. So I'm still on the edge as to whether or not it's gonna be a part of the BB or not. Considering I only had about 6k a few days ago, though, I feel pretty accomplished.

15404 / 20000 words. 77% done!

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Added just over 2k tonight on the big bang fic in 30 minute sprints with [ profile] innerslytherin tonight. Going to try to do more tomorrow by starting earlier and not taking as much of teh drugz.

7882 / 15000 words. 53% done!

(15,000 is just the draft minimum total, but that's all I need right now. :P)
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It's 7pm and I've been awake about 5 hours today. I set my alarm for 9 and woke up at 11. Then I went back to sleep around 3 and slept until 6. It's like I have to decide between extreme tooth pain to stay awake, or being comfortable and zonked out. It's funny, but the hydrocodone did not do this to me last time. O.o I am a little annoyed. Next time I'll half my dose and hope I hit a middle ground.

I had planned to attempt to crank out 8-10k on my big bang fic today and tomorrow. I need at LEAST 6k more in order to justify not dropping out. I've barely been awake today, and tomorrow I have a dentist appt and I have to do some testing at the community college. This is not looking good. *sigh*

Also, anyone know a good way to get rid of gnats that isn't dangerous to pets? We had a bunch of them, then we cleaned super well and they got fewer in number, but never actually went away. They are driving me CRAZY!
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A guy just walked up to the front desk in a shirt I will never understand. "I didn't say you were psychic, I said you were psycho." Ummm, what? What is that supposed to mean to the general populace that will read your shirt? O.o

So the weekend isn't technically over, but Friday and Saturday were awesome. I want to lock [ profile] innerslytherin in her hotel room and keep her here. Friday she got in around dinnertime, and we just sort of hung out and talked (and she generously let my dogs clobber her a little bit, even though she's not a fan of dogs), went to Pizza Hut with my husband (because we're exciting like that), then watched Zoe's Reprise and Pleasure Is My Business before I took her back to the hotel. The idea was to watch Hotch eps in honor of TG's birthday, but we went 'Oooh that Hotch/Rossi scene on the bench in ZR! YUM!", and wound up watching a Rossi ep too.

Saturday we got up late and went to Target (like I said, we're exciting), where I got a call from my mom to see if we wanted to come over for dinner and fireworks. Steph and my husband were both Indecisive-Pants, but we eventually decided to do that (no downtown crowds, free food, etc. Plus my parents had been wanting to meet her since she came last time.) Then we drove through the Kville Airport, Seymour cemeteries, and the Fort Dickerson quarry. Novel research, of course: the airport our characters would come in on, the cemetery they run through thinking they'd caught the bastard unsub, and a place to dump a body. *cough*

Then we went to the parents, where Steph discovered I certainly didn't get my shyness from them. My dad had bought a meat grinder (O.o -- they have guns and a meat grinder now. I sure hope that was ribeye like they said! ^_~), and used it to make burgers, which were okay--tasty, but a little dry. Then their neighbors had a fireworks display, which was actually fairly big for a neighborhood display. It was fun. We left before it was over because it was getting late, and hung out at the apartment, talking and reading (and squeeing about) [ profile] resolucidity's comments to our fic of doom.

It was a good visit, though too short. I always forget that you don't have to do exciting things with friends to have a good time. I guess I always just assume I'm going to bore people, so I must fill the time. Oh well, it was a good reminder to just hang out, I suppose. ;)

So now I'm sitting here waiting for her to come and check out, and trying not to pout too much. :( Have my regular days off again this week, so I just work three days before another day off, which is nice. But then I'm scheduled to work with someone Friday and Saturday. I certainly hope that was a mistake, or I am going to be Crabby-Pants.

Big Bang deadline is looming. I need to fill in my blank spots, because I'm sure artists may not appreciate my holes, even though it doesn't have to be 100% done when I turn it in for them to read. I need to force myself to sit down with Q10 and write my ass off. I can do this! :P

So tired. Need more coffee. Stupid "Mondays".
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OMFG! I wrote about 2000 words of Big Bang fic today at work on the Portable Apps version of AbiWord. Took my usb home and tried to open it. It gave me an error, then the doc disappeared from the list of recent docs. WTF?

As much as I don't like the idea of this doc sitting around at work, I HAD BETTER find 2k worth of manipulative, ultra-bitchy, withdrawing from opiates!Reid on that computer when I get there tomorrow. HAD BETTER. OR I WILL HURT SOMEONE.


(Please note: "infuriated" might be a bit strong of a mood choice. It's really more like "pissed", but my infuriated mood is so pretty, yes? And I've never used it before. >.>)


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