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2009-06-22 08:31 am

[ profile] cm_remix fics! Go check them out!

So the [ profile] cm_remix fics posted so far aren't getting a whole lot of love, and I'm certain that this is because the watchers list on the comm is so teeny. All three fics posted so far are AWESOME (I'm refraining from commenting until it's all posted, so I don't give away which is mine, but trust me!), so I thought I'd link them here, since my flist is larger. Go read, enjoy, and leave a little feedback. It makes an author's day.

Charm Offensive (the Glenfiddich Remix): JJ/Emily, PG
Elizabeth Prentiss invites herself to Emily's for Thanksgiving. Neither of them are expecting what happens when Elizabeth speaks too freely in front of the team. (A remix of Of Mothers and Whiskey by [ profile] elekanahmen.)

Classification: Morgan/Reid pre-slash, PG
Morgan’s relationship with Reid has been slowly changing. (A remix of "Come in from the Wilderness” and “Void of Form” by [ profile] shinealightonme. The original fics can be found here and here.)

Mirror Image: Reid/Rossi and Reid/Reid, NC-17
Dave wants Spencer to experiment a little. (A remix of Me, Myself, and I by [ profile] albydarned.)
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2009-05-30 07:47 am
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I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO MY [ profile] cm_remix FIC.

Guys, this is so cracky, but it's going to be FUN. :D WHEE!
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2009-02-21 11:04 pm
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11 hour [ profile] cm_remix extension! (last post of the day, I swear!)

Since I won't be around at midnight tonight, I'm closing the sign ups for [ profile] cm_remix at 11am EST tomorrow! That leaves 12 more hours to get in under the wire, if anyone else would like to participate. :) There are a few of you on the flist I'm eying, but I'll be polite and not call you out by name. *eyes you all anyway*
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2009-02-21 06:11 pm
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Okay, so the point of writing teh femslash was to offer something other than slash for [ profile] cm_remix. I'm still not overly confident about it, but most people seemed to like it, and someone could always make it better. ;) Problem is, I can't decide which one to swap out...

[Poll #1353227]
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2009-02-21 10:34 am

Pimping: [ profile] cm_remix and <user site="" user="thetwo

Two pimping pimpy things...

[ profile] cm_remix Sign Ups End Tonight at Midnight!
Just saying. Some of you should get your butts over there, or I'll come to your houses. (You know, if I knew where your houses were. *eyes you all*)

Also, TTC! I'm really trying to get [ profile] thetwocents onto the LJ spotlight. How much do you love me? I've sent in my own suggestion for the spotlight, and nudged the writers at TTC, but if any of you would like to help me out and suggest it too, that would be awesomesauce! Just go to Suggest A Spotlight, and fill out the form!

form info under cut )

I know it's not a blog with a huge following or amount of traffic, and they are working on things like getting us off blogger (the blog url is sort of tacky right now). But I like writing for it, I like the blog, and really do want to see it grow. Speaking of which, if any of you writers out there are interested, we're looking for people to cover some top shows: list under cut )

Or there's a list of all shows available here. If you decide to "apply", tell them JD sent you! :) I would SO snap up Top Chef myself if it wasn't ANOTHER Wednesday night show. I already have TWO Wednesday shows that air in the same time slot. >.>

Thus endeth my pimping. <333333
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2009-02-19 10:58 pm
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[ profile] cm_remix sign ups deadline is looming!

[ profile] cm_remix sign ups are going to end on Saturday night!

We have six people signed up, and we would LOVE to have more. It's primarily slashers so far, but some of us also write het/femslash, and most of us who don't usually are willing to try. Still, having a couple more het and femslashers would be great! [ETA: And gen fic writers!!] Well, and I'll never say no to more slashers, but I'm aiming at mostly trying to round us out if that's even possible. ;) We just ask that you be as flexible as possible in what you'll write because as of right now, the number of het and femslash offerings is VERY limited (try one person and one additional fic right now), and that makes match ups sticky. BUT, if enough of you sign up, that won't be an issue! Tell your friends, neighbors, lovers, pets (or, you know, other people that ship like you do), and options open up!

((((All of my het/femslash fics are too short, but maybe I can whip up something fast tomorrow. I don't know. We'll see. Leave me het/femslash prompts [anything but Gideon/anyone, ETA: or Todd/anyone and Morgan/Garcia]; I'll try, and edit my submission if I come up with something good, and long enough. Just for you guys. :P No promises, though.))))


[ profile] cm_remix
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2009-02-04 01:07 pm
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[ profile] cm_remix is soon to begin!

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] slash_girl! Hope you have a good one!

Secondly, ashjgkhas, PIMPAGE!

Have you ever read a fic you enjoyed and thought, "That was awesome! But if I'd done it, I would have told it from another character's POV/made it darker than it was/set it in another country/etc"? Well, now [ profile] cm_remix gives you a chance to do just that!

[ profile] cm_remix is a Criminal Minds Fanfic Remix Challenge that will be starting to take sign ups soon!

If you've written at least three 1,000 word (minimum) fics in the Criminal Minds fandom, you can sign up to have your fics remixed! You'll be matched up with another author whose fic you will then rewrite! Sign ups start on Valentine's Day, assignments are sent out by the end of the month, and you will have three months to complete your remix.

For more information on [ profile] cm_remix, please see the complete rules, information, and important dates HERE. We hope you'll come join the fun!

Now, go! Shoo! Go join and get ready for sign ups! You know you all want to. :) (And it would be GREATLY appreciated, if you want to, if you all pimped this far and wide around CM fandom! :3)