Mar. 22nd, 2010 09:32 pm
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*cough* ijs.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [livejournal.com profile] innerslytherin, THE BEST WIFEY EVAR!!!

In other news, I'm going to go fail my first exam and make my group partners hate me tonight. Fun!
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It's almost midnight in Indianapolis. I got here around 6-ish, and the wifey and I went to dinner. We are currently sitting back at the hotel working on our novel! Yayz!

Probably going to crash soon, though. Long day of driving. :P
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A guy just walked up to the front desk in a shirt I will never understand. "I didn't say you were psychic, I said you were psycho." Ummm, what? What is that supposed to mean to the general populace that will read your shirt? O.o

So the weekend isn't technically over, but Friday and Saturday were awesome. I want to lock [livejournal.com profile] innerslytherin in her hotel room and keep her here. Friday she got in around dinnertime, and we just sort of hung out and talked (and she generously let my dogs clobber her a little bit, even though she's not a fan of dogs), went to Pizza Hut with my husband (because we're exciting like that), then watched Zoe's Reprise and Pleasure Is My Business before I took her back to the hotel. The idea was to watch Hotch eps in honor of TG's birthday, but we went 'Oooh that Hotch/Rossi scene on the bench in ZR! YUM!", and wound up watching a Rossi ep too.

Saturday we got up late and went to Target (like I said, we're exciting), where I got a call from my mom to see if we wanted to come over for dinner and fireworks. Steph and my husband were both Indecisive-Pants, but we eventually decided to do that (no downtown crowds, free food, etc. Plus my parents had been wanting to meet her since she came last time.) Then we drove through the Kville Airport, Seymour cemeteries, and the Fort Dickerson quarry. Novel research, of course: the airport our characters would come in on, the cemetery they run through thinking they'd caught the bastard unsub, and a place to dump a body. *cough*

Then we went to the parents, where Steph discovered I certainly didn't get my shyness from them. My dad had bought a meat grinder (O.o -- they have guns and a meat grinder now. I sure hope that was ribeye like they said! ^_~), and used it to make burgers, which were okay--tasty, but a little dry. Then their neighbors had a fireworks display, which was actually fairly big for a neighborhood display. It was fun. We left before it was over because it was getting late, and hung out at the apartment, talking and reading (and squeeing about) [livejournal.com profile] resolucidity's comments to our fic of doom.

It was a good visit, though too short. I always forget that you don't have to do exciting things with friends to have a good time. I guess I always just assume I'm going to bore people, so I must fill the time. Oh well, it was a good reminder to just hang out, I suppose. ;)

So now I'm sitting here waiting for her to come and check out, and trying not to pout too much. :( Have my regular days off again this week, so I just work three days before another day off, which is nice. But then I'm scheduled to work with someone Friday and Saturday. I certainly hope that was a mistake, or I am going to be Crabby-Pants.

Big Bang deadline is looming. I need to fill in my blank spots, because I'm sure artists may not appreciate my holes, even though it doesn't have to be 100% done when I turn it in for them to read. I need to force myself to sit down with Q10 and write my ass off. I can do this! :P

So tired. Need more coffee. Stupid "Mondays".
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Started my cleaning in prep for [livejournal.com profile] innerslytherin coming in. I broke out the Greased Lighting cleaner. Has anyone ever used this shit? I swear, it could strip the paint off a car. It's no joke. And also, you really should avoid breathing too much of it in. When I'm alone, I always talk to myself, but I discovered when I'm alone and high on cleaner, the talking gets weird. So I started coming up with slogans for the stuff:

Greased Lightening, the cleaner so hard core they named it after a musical.
Greased lightening, the cleaner that says, "I am no Donna Reed, biznitches."

And package warnings:

Do not spray Greased Lightening directly into cuts or wounds. (I did this. Ouch!) Wear a gas mask at all times when using Greased Lightening. Do not lock yourself in a small room with greased Lightening. Greased Lightening should be considered armed and very dangerous. Greased Lightening is highly volatile. If angered, Greased Lightening might kill you mother and eat your dog.

*cough* Okay, shutting up now. Though I might have brain damage. EEE AND CRIMINAL MINDS IN TEN MINUTES!!!!! Might be back with squeee. :DDDD


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