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10! 10! 10! Yaaaaaaybigfuckingdeal... (*cough* I started writing this yesterday, so deal with it.)

So I am even MORE frustrated with my job than I have been lately. The owners bought a new hotel and took one of our desk clerks over there, which I don't care about, but they also took our head of housekeeping. We have another housekeeper that's been here since this place opened, knows the property backwards and forwards, and does the head housekeeper's job on her days off. And management hired someone new to take over the head housekeeper position. I am pissed, partly on behalf of the girl (woman, really) that stayed, but also because if she doesn't get promoted after 15+ years, how the hell am I supposed to believe that I will ever get promoted? C, the new front desk manager, keeps talking about how I'll get promoted if I stick around, and the new GM has been asking me quite often how I think things are going, or how the staff meetings went, and that was giving me hope... but I feel like I'm being strung along at this point. What am I supposed to believe? What I'm told or what I SEE? Seeing is believing, right? Heh.

Also, stuff with writing for the other blog fell through. Got an email from the girl I know that people she was sending their way weren't getting emails back and she wanted to see if I had. I hadn't so I told her that and emailed the other editor again. Saturday I asked the girl I know if I should try again, and got this response: "I checked back with C and the impression I got was that she wasn't interested in bringing you on board." C never even talked to me. I don't know if she even read my stuff at TTC. And that SUCKS. I know that rejection is part of this writing thing, but I had an in this time, and they didn't so much as chat with me. I'm annoyed. And yes, a little insecure now. *sigh*

Maybe I'm too conversational in my reviews and it comes off as unprofessional. I can't decide if I should look at changing my style, or if I should just say "fuck it, this is how I like to write, and someone will just have to appreciate that instead of changing myself."

Insults, Lennon, Krispy Kremes, and dieting stuffs )

Also, I've been watching Running Wilde and LOVING it. And I got to interview Will Arnett last week!
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So some of you remember I’d been talking about a possible manager position coming open, and you and Dr. M all encouraged me to tell the bosses I was interested. So I did. Opening date of the new hotel has been pushed back and back, so I wasn’t sure when to expect to hear. Yesterday I did. C told me what she knew, I guess to give me a heads up/warning. They hired a new guy a couple months ago, and they are making him the manager here, and moving C to the new hotel. I’ve been here FOUR YEARS, and they give it to the guy they just hired?! He has a little experience, but he’s been working at a fucking Krystal for a while before coming here, NOT as a manager. And how am I supposed to GET experience if no one gives me a chance?

Seriously, one of the things I liked about this place when I started was that they promoted from within. WTF. FOUR YEARS. I don’t want to be a damn desk clerk next year, or the year after that, or the year after that. And clearly if they were going to promote me, they would have. I’m pissed and depressed, and I can’t fucking STAND the guy they’re promoting. Guests like him a lot, but he’s a HUGE PHONEY. Ugh.

I finally saw the foot doctor yesterday. He says I have turf toe, and gave me steroids to help with it. I’m a little nervous about it, since it can cause mood changes. I didn't exactly want to tell the damn foot doctor that I'm bipolar. I wonder if the Prozac and Lamictal will hold up to the steroid. We’ll see. He told me if I couldn’t take the side effects, I could stop taking them. He also gave me this pad to wear in my shoe, but I’m not sure if that’s helping or hurting, really. It IS annoying, though.

So I posted fic the other day, and I’m not happy with it. I was unsure to begin with, then I posted. And then I regretted it later. I feel like there should have been more build up than there was. Maybe I can expand it into a larger fic. I want to write longer fic anyway. I need to get inspired, though. Maybe I’ll write loooooong fic for [ profile] cm_exchange this year.

Speaking of which, I CANNOT BELIEVE it’s time for me and [ profile] innerslytherin to think about [ profile] cm_exchange again! We need to kick it off this month. Like SOON. And the lovely, sane [ profile] resolucidity is helping us out this year. :D You all better play again this year (or start playing), or we’ll hunt you down!
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Interesting discussion re: the Rossi Vs. Gideon thing here. Go throw your weight around over there if you desire.

Also, I am still sick. It comes and it goes, then it gets better, and gets worse. It displeases me greatly. Especially since I'm in one of the getting worse phases right now. :(


Mar. 11th, 2010 01:02 pm
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I am sick. Again. With the same crap I had a couple weeks ago.

Seriously, body? Seriously? Sick twice in a month? And you couldn't come up with something new the second time around?

But I suppose there is comfort in familiarity. I'll just be over there, hacking my lungs up.

Blah blah

Feb. 16th, 2010 08:10 am
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So for Valentine's day, I went to the urgent care clinic. It really wasn't urgent, but I had called in from work, and I needed a doctor's note. Plus the night before, this cold type thing I have was giving me dizzy spells, one lasting about an hour. That was concerning. About the only thing done for Vday was me saying "happy Valentine's day" to my husband in the waiting room. Heh. My dad usually brings me and my sister flowers every year (he's come to my work some years just to give them to me!), but this year my mom asked if I would prefer the money instead of the flowers. We're broke, so I took them up on that. It just wasn't the same, and that was depressing, but really, I made the smart choice. I know that, even if I felt that little pang of want.

Anyway, the doctor at urgent care was so rude. He jabbed the tongue depressor in my mouth, and jabbed the thing in my ears. He told me that my throat was red, I was running a low grade fever and my chest sounded a little wheezy. Um, yeah, I could have told him that. At least he gave me a prescription, which seems to be helping. The Mucinex is too. I'm coughing a lot of crap up. Mmm, such a lovely thought for you guys to have, huh?

Today is my Friday, so yay for that. I have therapy tomorrow, so yay for that too, even if I'm not looking forward to it. We're going to have to talk about why I want to go off my meds, and I'm not convinced I want to anymore. I mean, I still do, but I also don't. *sigh* I don't know how I feel right now.

Randomly, does anyone else who uses Google Docs miss the "save and close" button? Because I miss it like whoa.

And now a poll inspired by a debate I had yesterday with [ profile] innerslytherin:

[Poll #1526214]

It's snowing. None of it will stick. I wish it would just pour down and make me snowbound for the "weekend".
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1. The touch up on my tatt, which was free and I had done today, hurt worse than the first time. And I've just taken my bandage off to see it's already puffed up and gone red on me. I also bled more than I did last time. I really hope this doesn't mean it's going to take longer for it to heal this time. :/ Damn my body's slow healing.

2. Speaking of ouchies, I really wouldn't recommend touching the oven rack when it's on at 400 degrees. IJS. I WAS using a dishtowel to protect my hand, but apparently it wasn't entirely covered and I burnt a spot on my finger. Could have been A LOT worse, though. The kicker is, however, that I also put my hand down on a hot burner just a few days ago. Neither was a particularly bad burn, but this week Jennifer + Hot Things = Fail.

3. I had a third point when I started to type this, but it's gone away now. Um. Hey, I know a lot of my friends are going through shitty times right now. I <3 you all, and while I'm sure most of you has probably seen Maru and the Big Box, it might cheer you up anyway. I giggle every time.

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Fucking tooth hurting again. Pills prescribed only wanted to help very temporarily, apparently. And I have no good painkillers left. Called the dentist and left a message. May ask about pulling it and putting in a bridge instead of going through surgery. I am NOT HAPPEH.


Jul. 16th, 2009 12:37 pm
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It's just so wrong that I walked into the dentist office and the song playing over the speakers was 'Hurt So Good'.

Ummm... No thanks.

Anyway, the X-ray looked good. There is no decay, no abscess, not even any redness around the gums. He adjusted my crown, but said that it's just sitting so low on my jaw that it might just continue to irritate and hurt me. He can't sit it up any higher without leaving a gap, which will make it impossible to keep clean, which is unacceptable. He said he's know just three people with very deep root canals like mine that have had this problem, and if this adjustment doesn't work, I may have to consider surgery to lower the bone in that part of my jaw.


Um... *whimpers more*

I'll just sit here and get ready to fail my math test at Pellissippi now.
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It's 7pm and I've been awake about 5 hours today. I set my alarm for 9 and woke up at 11. Then I went back to sleep around 3 and slept until 6. It's like I have to decide between extreme tooth pain to stay awake, or being comfortable and zonked out. It's funny, but the hydrocodone did not do this to me last time. O.o I am a little annoyed. Next time I'll half my dose and hope I hit a middle ground.

I had planned to attempt to crank out 8-10k on my big bang fic today and tomorrow. I need at LEAST 6k more in order to justify not dropping out. I've barely been awake today, and tomorrow I have a dentist appt and I have to do some testing at the community college. This is not looking good. *sigh*

Also, anyone know a good way to get rid of gnats that isn't dangerous to pets? We had a bunch of them, then we cleaned super well and they got fewer in number, but never actually went away. They are driving me CRAZY!
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Bought real Orajel today......

Toothache: 3, Treatments specifically designed to fight toothaches: 0

*siiiiiiiiigh* HOWEVER, the dentist called in some Hydrocodone for me. So the new score looks a bit like this:

Toothache: 0, Narcotics: DEAR TOOTH, YOU LOSE. SUCK IT. LOVE ME.

Still hurts, actually, but it's muuuuuch better. I don't feel so much like crying anymore.


Jul. 13th, 2009 09:07 pm
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The tooth hurts worse now than it did when I had the damned root canal. I sort of want to lay in bed and cry. I sent the husband out for Orajel, and he came back with this liquid stuff that has tiny cotton balls you're supposed to soak and stick in your cavity. Problem one? I don't actually have a cavity. Husband reading label fail. Problem two? It smells like cloves, which is not bad in and of itself, but it tastes like what I would imagine nail polish remover would taste like. And it did nothing for the tooth. It numbed my tongue and lips, but do you see how that doesn't help me right now?

Someone shoot me. I mean it. I am so sick of this. I need drugs. Good drugs. Omg paaaaaiiiiin. *whimpers*

In other news, I've decided that I don't give a shit if K thinks I'm stupid (she talks to me like I am, so it would stand to reason). Why? I am not only a better person than she is, I'm at least ten times smarter than she is for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is that I understand basic human decency, and know that fear and respect are not the same thing.

Next time she talks to me like I'm an idiot and there's no one else there (she's more likely to fly off the handle if I call her out in front of people), I'm telling her to stop.
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According to the date I created this journal, this would have been my first entry: Numero Uno.

Hee! I had just posted my first drabble EVAR (over at [ profile] snupin100), apparently, and I just reread it. It was actually sort of cute. I also think that was the first time I ever talked to [ profile] cordeliadelayne in the drabble post, and after that I never forgot how utterly sweet she was.

I also talked about hoping it would spark something other than fanfic a little. I had been a fine artist before, and sculpture was a passion of mine, and then I dropped out of school (the first time) and lost that community that supported me. I had made me sad for a long time that I had lost that. Anyway, I was new to writing fic then and had started writing it after RPing Snupin for a while. Awww, I was a baby ficcer, how cute! I actually joined LJ because I wanted a place to post my fic and get feedback (I HAD been posting it to my now-deleted Myspace. Heh.) I never imagined the friends that I had then wouldn't be in my life anymore, or that I would find such great friends here. New friends won't replace them, but I have made some awesome ones along the way, people who help and support me when I need them, and who I adore. I never expected to find COMMUNITY here, and I'm not just talking literal communities. It's been an awesome thing, and all because I wanted to share my then-mediocre fic.

Ooh, and this guy I mentioned. Dude, I remember him! He was creeeeeeepy. he lived at the hotel I worked in, and I was alone on Sundays there. he used to come up and talk to me and say creepy things. He'd try to get me to come to his room, ask me which car I drove, and he propositioned the housekeepers. The cops came once because he was apparently stalking the girls at the Walgreens across the street, and they found nasty porn strewn everywhere in his room and some sort of sex harness hanging from the ceiling. The cops told us to stay clear of him. And yet the managers there cared nothing about our safety, only about getting paid, and never kicked him out. TRUE Unsub, dude. For serious. It's really amazing, looking back, that nothing happened, especially to those of us who worked alone with him in the building.

Oh yeah, and I was having jaw issues back then, too. I mentioned here before that I got fucked over by a dentist and my jaw hurt for a good year. Yeah, it must have still been hurting then, though I'm not sure how close or far that was from the actual fillings that caused it.
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The left side of my face is numb (and yet somehow I'm still achey). It feels a little paralized and I'm dribbling out the side of my mouth. Very sexy.

On the plus side, I can make awesome fart noises without even trying by just sucking in air. Rawk.
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I think my skull might be trying to eat my brain. Or maybe collapse in.

I have no scientific evidence to prove either theory, but those would be my best guesses as to what my head seems to have designs on. Just sayin'.


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