Jan. 30th, 2010 09:48 am
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Drabble promts, anyone? I will write:

The Mighty Boosh - any pairings but Bollo/anyone and Vince/Naboo (the rl brothers thing squicks me)

The IT Crowd - any slash pairing or Jenn/Richmond

Criminal Minds - any slash or het pairings but Gideon/anyone, Todd/anyone, Garcia/anyone but Hotch or Rossi. No femslash or Reid het.
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Anyone want to give me prompts to keep me occupied? Please? *blinky eyes* I will try a drabble (or more) with them, if inspired.

Will do The Mighty Boosh (Howard/Vince, Howard/Old Gregg or Saboo/anyone, though I'm new enough to the fandom to try anything EXCEPT Bollo/anyone, Vince/Naboo, or RPS).

I'll also do Criminal Minds (any pairing except Hotch/Prentiss, Morgan/Garcia, Todd/anyone, Gideon/anyone, and Reid/any female character... Morgan/Reid is not very likely to inspire me either).
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Okay, so the internet was down all day at work today, which means it might be out all weekend. *sigh* [ profile] innerslytherin was kind enough to text me some prompts, and I'll be posting a couple drabbles from those soon, but I thought I'd see if you all had any more to give me. I won't make promises, but if the internet's out, I won't have a whole lot else to do at work but twiddle my thumbs and write fic in various forms for the next 2+ days (possibly).

So give me CM prompts if you have them; I need time killers! Anything except Gideon/anyone, Todd/anyone, Morgan/Garcia, or Hotch/Prentiss (okay, you can prompt me on that one, since I love a few H/P shippers on my flist, just don't hang your hopes on it :P). Or I can write Gen, just no Gideon or Todd.

Also, if anyone has any clue what fandoms I am talking about, I'll also write in Spaced and Sports Night fandoms. And would LOVE to have a reason to dig into writing some Life on Mars (first season spoilers only please) and Glee fic. :D

I'll check tomorrow before work and save them all to USB, and there I go. :) Thanks, guys!
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Yes, I still have the drabble requests from the weekend before last. Yes, I'm going to still try to work on those. I'm always sitting here bored on weekends if the manager's not down, though, and I'm feeling utterly uninspired, so I'm going to try this...

Give me a pairing and a ONE WORD prompt. I will do my best to write you a ONE SENTENCE fic for your prompt. I'll even do CM pairings I normally veto, as one sentence won't kill me, I'm sure.

Fandoms/pairings: Criminal Minds (any pairing), Harry Potter (Snape/Lupin, Remus/Peter, and Neville/Luna), and Lie to Me (Bueller? Bueller? Lightman/Torres preferred, but it's new enough for me to try anything).

Maybe this little exercise will get the juices flowing again.
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I'm drabbling for people this weekend and there are far too many vaginas so far. Anyone want to give me prompts? Anything at all--and yes, even het or femslash, though I'm sort of aiming to inject more cock into my next drabble post.


I'm thirteen sometimes, I swear.

Anyway, no promises this time, but last time I DID get nearly all the prompts done.

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*DOES HAPPEH DANCE* >.> Last [ profile] cm_exchange extension just delivered! Only ONE drop out, dude. How awesome is that?! Also, I just beta read some Hotch/Reid for the fest that was really good, and you all have to WAIT to read it! Mwahaha! Oh, the power! It goes straight to my head! >:]

*cough* Anyway, in other news. I watched Kinky Boots yesterday for the first time. I want to squish Chiwetel Ejiofor. SQUISH, I SAY! So, so cute!

I'm in a weird mood. Soooo, prompt me! I need to expend this energy. Give me any CM slash pairing that doesn't involve Gideon (and, okay fine, het rarepairs, but don't expect anything close to smut here, and again, no Gideon) with a one word to one sentence prompt, and I will attempt a drabble (or more, if I'm bunnied) for you!


ETA: The drabble offer is still open, but I make no promises at this point!
(I am starting to run out of steam!)


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