Jul. 3rd, 2010 09:56 am
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Growing up, I was taught that either 'grey' or 'gray' was a correct spelling of the color. I preferred 'grey', but I've noticed most Americans I know always use 'gray'. So I was curious. :)

ETA: To be clear, I am talking about what you consider correct for where you live. So even if you know it's spelled differently in different countries, but you only consider one way correct for yours, pick your spelling.

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Because I'm bored...

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That last one? Yes, I am looking for new ideas. lol

Blah blah

Feb. 16th, 2010 08:10 am
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So for Valentine's day, I went to the urgent care clinic. It really wasn't urgent, but I had called in from work, and I needed a doctor's note. Plus the night before, this cold type thing I have was giving me dizzy spells, one lasting about an hour. That was concerning. About the only thing done for Vday was me saying "happy Valentine's day" to my husband in the waiting room. Heh. My dad usually brings me and my sister flowers every year (he's come to my work some years just to give them to me!), but this year my mom asked if I would prefer the money instead of the flowers. We're broke, so I took them up on that. It just wasn't the same, and that was depressing, but really, I made the smart choice. I know that, even if I felt that little pang of want.

Anyway, the doctor at urgent care was so rude. He jabbed the tongue depressor in my mouth, and jabbed the thing in my ears. He told me that my throat was red, I was running a low grade fever and my chest sounded a little wheezy. Um, yeah, I could have told him that. At least he gave me a prescription, which seems to be helping. The Mucinex is too. I'm coughing a lot of crap up. Mmm, such a lovely thought for you guys to have, huh?

Today is my Friday, so yay for that. I have therapy tomorrow, so yay for that too, even if I'm not looking forward to it. We're going to have to talk about why I want to go off my meds, and I'm not convinced I want to anymore. I mean, I still do, but I also don't. *sigh* I don't know how I feel right now.

Randomly, does anyone else who uses Google Docs miss the "save and close" button? Because I miss it like whoa.

And now a poll inspired by a debate I had yesterday with [ profile] innerslytherin:

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It's snowing. None of it will stick. I wish it would just pour down and make me snowbound for the "weekend".


Feb. 12th, 2010 04:35 pm
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Hey! All my CM friends! Go vote in this poll! You know you want to hate on the spin off.
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I used to have a free program to make moving icons with. I made the one I'm using with this post on it. Now I can't remember what it was. Anyone know of a free program you can make moving icons with?

Also, this:

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ETA: I HAVE to spell it rather than describe it. Someone is singing and using it as a rhythmic element in the song.
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1. I would prefer sources other than actual newspapers/publications (e.g. something I can access on the internet/tv/radio for free), but I'll take anything.

2. When I say conservative/liberal etc., I don't mean radically so, as in "omgwtfbbq, you fuckers are crazy!". :D (ETA: The most conservative/liberal source you actually trust.)

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So recently I've been thinking about Hotch's abusive past in relation to who he might tell about that (I'm sure the person that made me think about this knows who she is, and please know that I'm not attempting to invalidate your perspective at all).

I like to believe that he's been able to open up to people he's close to (Haley, Rossi, Gideon, and maybe Reid). I should clarify that I'm speaking strictly in canon. I think people in trusting romantic relationships tell each other things like this, so I could see Hotch telling other people in any fandom ship, if the romantic relationship was done well.

I was wondering, however, if there was any canon evidence to support this either way. SO... I'm doing a rewatch of all four seasons of CM over the summer (not because of this question), and was just rewatching Natural Born Killer, the episode in which Hotch's past abuse is revealed. Gideon has been talking to Vincent, and the team is finally piecing together Vincent's abusive past. Gideon looks at Hotch and asks if Hotch wants to take the rest of the interview.

To me, there is absolutely no reason in my head that Gideon would want to give over the interview to Hotch, who's been beaten up by the unsub already (which only amuses Vincent), unless he thought Hotch had more insight here than he did. Simply put, this exchange to me says clearly that Gideon knows Hotch was abused. And before you say it, as far as I can tell, Gideon shouldn't have this information because of his position; neither Hotch or Gideon knew about the abuse in Morgan's past in Profiler, Profiled, after all.

Of course, it's not so specific that people can't read it anyway they want; they could just say Gideon wasn't getting anywhere with Vincent, so he thought a change might work, or that Gideon is just so good he figured that out about Hotch without being told (though I think that fact that Hotch doesn't seem surprised josses that theory). So what do you all think? I'm posting a poll, but more detailed replies in comments are always love.

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Phycho boss isn't down yet to harsh my somewhat okay mood.

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I've been reading about imaginary friends lately and came across some interesting ideas. Hence, the poll.

For the purposes of this poll, "imaginary friends" can be completely invented, or imaginary versions of real or fictional people you know/know of.

And please feel free to PIMP THIS OUT! :D

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I seriously love this icon. Is that weird? I mean, I made it, and my vision fails me, so it's probably crap, but I can't stop using it...

I've recently realized I have a serious issue with exclamation points in dialogue in fic. I use them all the time in comments, emails, etc... but in fic dialogue, I have grown to hate them. Is it just me?

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Okay, so the point of writing teh femslash was to offer something other than slash for [ profile] cm_remix. I'm still not overly confident about it, but most people seemed to like it, and someone could always make it better. ;) Problem is, I can't decide which one to swap out...

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I'm really a total WIP whore, but I plan to sit down and force out the end to that cross-dressing fic, and then actually whittle down my WIP numbers. Or at least that's the plan. ;)

Which should I work on next? First line quoted, then basic info in parenthesis...

[Poll #1325226]

ETA: This poll brought to you by the fact that this morning I went, "Oooh, maybe Hotch/JJ/Rossi would be nice... Oh, well, actually Rossi would probably like to get in on a little JJ/Rossi/Emily ....... OMG, BRAIN, JUST FINISH ONE OF THE 500 FICS YOU'VE ALREADY STARTED AND FORGET TEH GURLZ!"
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I just ate a bowl of Thai soup that was so good that I want to order another one just to have sex with it.

In other news...

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Some of you on my flist know that I have been writing Recap&Reviews on each new CM ep this season over at Many of you on the flist also know that I was approached in November by the Head Editor/Writer about doing a spin-off site from their site that focused solely on CM, as my reviews were getting a good response.

Now, we won't be in the planning stages until January, so IF (IF!) this all goes through, it's not going to be overnight, but it's not too early to put some serious thought into it. And I need to put together a proposal for what I want to do with the site. Hurrah!

I've waffled over the idea, mostly because I don't just want to mirror the other CM blogs, and I want to do something that the fans will actually appreciate. That's why I thought there was no better thing to do in this incubatory phase than to ask the fans what they thought!

Poll is basic, but any and everything you have to say in additional comments is love. :)

(Also, I edited the poll after it had been posted a few minutes. Apologies if you took the time to fill it out on the post that got deleted. :/)

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[Poll #1297857]

ETA: Since I chose the "one or more" option on the first question, I will explain here. The absolute insanity is a given, but the "normal situations handled in a weird way" answer can also be true. I think this is the case when the handling of the normal situations in a weird way causes the characters to go OCC. Or stupid. Yes, that.
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I've been thinking about this a lot since I started beta reading more often, as well as for... other reasons recently. So, here goes!

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