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Okay, so my car is totaled from that hail storm. It's dented everywhere and the back window was smashed. Totally sucks because it's right on the edge, just barely totaled by the numbers. It's a great car, has low mileage, and all the damage is cosmetic. I love this car.

Now I have two options, keep the car and take the money they'll give me. I can repair the back window, and then use the rest to get us completely out of debt (improving our crappy credit) and have some savings. I personally don't care about the dents.

The other option is to take about $3K more and give them the car, then have to buy a new one, which will mean either saving for months for more money to pay for a car outright, or another car payment (which we probably can't afford).

Seems like a no brainer, really, except that if I keep the car, I have to get a salvage title (on a car that runs great! Argh.), so when I eventually need a new car, mine will be practically worthless. Plus, I would only be able to get liability and uninsured motorist insurance, which means if I ran it into a poll in three weeks, I'm out of luck.

I don't know what to do! Any thoughts? Anyone have experience with salvage titles?
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Got the back window of my car completely smashed out in the storms. Only one in my parking lot with more than hail dents. It sucks... But looking at the news, I'm incredibly lucky that that was all the damage I encountered, and that my friends and family are safe.

How are all the southerners out there on my flist?
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Why is it so damn easy to put my foot in my mouth? Er, my foot in my fingers, actually, as I was typing what made me ask this.

So anyway, I literally got no sleep last night. I got out of bed at 3am because I was just getting frustrated that I couldn't sleep. I missed taking my Geodon (the drug that's sedating) last night, and maybe my body decided to fuck itself because of it. I don't know. All I know is 1) I'm going to be chugging highly caffeinated drinks all day, and 2) I have no idea how I am going to make it through work today.

So I was reading the AA Big Book this morning, and something struck me. It's all the God language that I hate. But the book was first printed in 1939 and has remained largely the same. I've been trying to fit a 2010 concept of what "God" is or isn't into a box that was created in 1939. OF COURSE it's not going to fit. But at least now it's sunk in that it doesn't have to.

Of course, this could all just be sleep deprivation speaking. Er, typing.

Ugh & YAY!

Jan. 29th, 2010 05:12 am
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I woke up at 3am, stayed in bed until I was sure I wouldn't get back to sleep, which was at 3:50. Since that time I made a grocery list and cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. Let me repeat, because it bears repeating. I cleaned. From 4:30-5am. Wtf, people. Wtf. So ugh, yeah, I'm going to regret this tonight. I'm already regretting it, actually, and it's only 5:15. I don't work until 7.

BUT! K is taking a leave of absence (and I've heard it's supposed to be a long one). The owner has been around a lot lately, and I had a feeling something was going on. Now his wife is taking the GM role. She's super nice on a personal level (I don't know how she is as a manager, but she has to be better than K)!

I found out last night, and felt like I'd won the freaking lottery! I would be more excited to go back to work right now if I wasn't so freaking tired.
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Well, that little experiment failed. I was miserable and scared a few days ago, and it was briefly relieved, but now I'm just miserable and scared again.

I had 322 days. Now I have zero.
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WHERE DID EPISODES TWO AND THREE FROM THIS SEASON OF NEVERMIND THE BUZZCOCKS ON YOUTUBE GO?! They're just GONE from my playists and I can't find anything but clips! What are us Americans supposed to do for Buzzcocks!Noelyness (it's a word!)???

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WAH! Reading Rainbow is going off the air?!?!?!

I just... I can't... I have no words. Granted, I hadn't even given the show a second thought in years, but I can still, to this day, sing the theme song. It was such a big part of my childhood. And it's going off the air after 26 years and tons of awards. *sigh*

That bums me out, man.

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So the TV situation is still not resolved. The husband finally cleared away most of the shit that was everywhere (much to our cat's dismay), though. The good TV is still on the floor, but we got rid of the old one today.

Instead of carrying it up the stairs, we decided to take it up the hill along the side of the building, which is how we got the heavy things IN the apartment in the first place. So we carry it out the back door, slide back door shut, get about ten feet and the husband loses his hold, so we put it down.

We never got any farther with the pick-up-and-carry method.

Oh we tried to pick it up again, but no. There was no doing it. The last time we tried, the husband lifted his end first and pulled toward him as he stood, which forced me to either fall or put all the weight in my back. I chose to drop forward to my knees rather than crack my spine, thank you very much.

Anyway, I was fine, and went to stand. Now let me first say, in my defense, that we were on uneven ground. I got about half-way into a standing position, then went off balance, toppled, and literally did a stunt roll down the hill.

Can I just say? It was made of awesome.

After that, we decided to roll the TV up the hill, because we are smart like that. I roll down, it rolls up; yin and yang. All that jazz...

Anyway, I thought I'd link you to something that's been amusing me greatly lately. It's something I'm amused about when I see it in RL, so it's funny to see a whole blog dedicated to it. I particularly like the funeral home card several entries down from the top: Unnecessary Quotes.

Oh, and I'm totally fine, btw. Not even a scrape on me. :)


Apr. 6th, 2009 02:18 pm
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I might have to make wild passionate love to the next mattress I see.

Or, you know, sleep on it.
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Unless there's been an explosion of conversation at LJ since last night (I haven't checked my flist yet), I'm really surprised that more people in the CM fandom aren't talking about this. *sigh* To be perfectly honest, I hate citing CMFB, but they're the only ones with the story so far. Meh. You can still comment to my post @ TTC instead. ;) You love me. LOL

Still, I'm sad. Harold, not so much, but it's still bothersome, in Wilder and Fisher's cases especially (in spite of, honestly, not being all that enthused with Wilder's contributions this season). Boo budget cuts. Those two were, overall, TEH AWESOME. *sigh* I'm going to cross my fingers that we don't hear a goodbye from Bruner after only letting him give us one stellar episode.

'Stellar' is my word of the moment, btw. I blame it on writing Garcia a lot more lately. :P

P.S. ~21,000 words of Hotch/Garcia (with porn!) is done. ijs.

Also, I'll probably be posting my "soundtrack" for the Rossi/Prentiss What Happens in Vegas universe soonish. We've started writing an AU of that universe, and I want to get it up before the AU starts getting posted this month. :)
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For the record, I think April Fools day is mostly 'excuse to be an asshole day'. Not a fan.

Therapy in less than a hour. Dentist tomorrow. Voc rehab hopefully soon. No CM tonight. I am bitchy on day one of my days off already.
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I demand a do-over for this week.
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blahblahblah car shit )

Randomly, Bear Grylls is still one sexy mofo, even with his face all swollen up and drinking his own urine from a snake skin.

Annnnd, in other thoughts, you all know how on occasion I can just babble about writing. So I have a general topic today, and I'd love to hear your thoughts:

Is it bad/wrong/weird/silly/stupid to get so emotionally involved in things you're writing that you actually cry when you're writing the "sad" parts, or have some other strong emotional reaction to some part of the fic? Has a fic you're writing ever significantly effected your general mood for the moment/day/week? How much is too much/over-investing? We all know that under-investment in a piece of writing can seriously effect the fic negatively, but do you feel like over-investment can do the same? Can over-investing can cause you to lose sight of characterization, or other Major Important Things? Discuss. :)


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