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So the [ profile] cm_remix fics posted so far aren't getting a whole lot of love, and I'm certain that this is because the watchers list on the comm is so teeny. All three fics posted so far are AWESOME (I'm refraining from commenting until it's all posted, so I don't give away which is mine, but trust me!), so I thought I'd link them here, since my flist is larger. Go read, enjoy, and leave a little feedback. It makes an author's day.

Charm Offensive (the Glenfiddich Remix): JJ/Emily, PG
Elizabeth Prentiss invites herself to Emily's for Thanksgiving. Neither of them are expecting what happens when Elizabeth speaks too freely in front of the team. (A remix of Of Mothers and Whiskey by [ profile] elekanahmen.)

Classification: Morgan/Reid pre-slash, PG
Morgan’s relationship with Reid has been slowly changing. (A remix of "Come in from the Wilderness” and “Void of Form” by [ profile] shinealightonme. The original fics can be found here and here.)

Mirror Image: Reid/Rossi and Reid/Reid, NC-17
Dave wants Spencer to experiment a little. (A remix of Me, Myself, and I by [ profile] albydarned.)
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Okay, so [ profile] innerslytherin and I are ahead of the game (as usual) on our series fics, Fathers Are Not Born and Conscious of Our Treasures. We were recently writing the installment of FANB due for April (I think), which deals a little with childhood bullying. As a result, I (and my Spencer muse) were think a lot about Spencer's childhood... and I was thinking about canon and Diana Reid, when I realized that part of what was "canon" in my head had actually come from a fic, Coming Home by [ profile] nebula99 (which I've recced so many times now that it's almost getting embarrassing *blush*). Since the fic happened to be so close to my personal ideas about Spencer's youth, and because we don't have a huge amount of back story (not so much we can't fill in gaps), this fic had become as good as canon in my head. I had to reread the fic to find out if Diana Reid had said what I thought she said in canon or the fic. It had been said in the fic, even as my head was trying to place it firmly in canon.

So it got me thinking, do you all have any fics that ring so true to you that they are as good as canon in your heads? Generally I wouldn't think of shippy fic this way, but I suppose it could be if you really believe certain ships are canon. Could be someone else's fic, or your own (we all have fics we wrote that are canon to us!), but I'd like to know what they are, if you have them! :)
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Okay, I know one of you Paget whores out there has it. That picture of Paget in bra, panties, thigh-high stockings and garters, pls? *makes prettily blinky eyes* I will write you a possibly-smutty Prentiss drabble! :D Het or Femslash--I prefer to pair her with Rossi, Morgan, or JJ, though I'm willing to TRY anyone else except Gideon (you'll just likely get G/PG rated if you ask for anyone but the three listed).


Also, did I dream this? I swear there's an episode in which Reid says something like, "I see a therapist ___ times a month. My mental health is not neglected." I cannot for the life of me find this quote, however, and I've watched all the eps in which I thought it might be in. Does this actually exist outside my mind? If so what episode is it in and how often was it he said he saw a shrink? *makes more blinky eyes*

ETA: [ profile] shinealightonme has shed light (ha. hahaha. haha. Didn't mean that play on her LJ name, but there you go) on the second question: Bread is to Stone as Fish is to Serpent by Isilya was one of the first fics I read in the fandom, and clearly lodged itself (that line in particular) in my brain, in spite of having lost track of the fic. It's very good, if you haven't read it. (Of course, if Spencer in therapy is supported in canon, I'd love to know where. It totally works in my head.)

Also, re: request one: [ profile] darkhawkhealer is offering girl porns for that pic as well in comments. :)
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Eeeeeee! The reveals for [ profile] cm_exchange went up while I was in bed last night! I didn't post it, but I still feel a little like Santa! LOL

more exchange recs and fest babbling )

One last thing I want to say before I pimp my own fics, is that overall, I am very, VERY impressed with the fics that came out of this fest. To everyone who participated, if you're reading this, THANK YOU. It was wonderful.


Worthy of the Word
Author: [ profile] severity_softly
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Rating: NC-17/FRAO
Word Count: ~9,000
Warnings/spoilers: Mild spoilers for Damaged (mostly just for the tail end) and major spoilers for Elephant's Memory.
Summary: Hotch and Reid get a push towards each other from an unexpected source, but often, it's easier to admit to what you want than it is to actually take it.
A/N: Written for [ profile] slash_girl for [ profile] cm_exchange! A few lines of dialogue have been lifted directly from Elephant's Memory. Thanks to [ profile] nebula99 for the beta and reassurance that my giftee would not read it and go O.o, and to [ profile] innerslytherin for the beta and her sheer fabulousness (and all the hand holding when this fic made me bite my nails)!

(Worthy of the Word)

AND! The pinch hit!

Title: Uncertain Terrain
Authors: [ profile] innerslytherin and [ profile] severity_softly
Pairing: Hotch/Morgan
Rating: NC-17/FRAO
Word Count: 12,400
Warnings/spoilers: mild violence
Summary/prompt: Lost in the wilderness, Morgan has to take care of an injured Hotch. Afterwards, they have to deal with the way things between them have changed.
A/N: Written for [ profile] aoibhe for [ profile] cm_exchange!

(Uncertain Terrain)
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Two more [ profile] cm_exchange recs! Jeeze, only three more gifts to even post! December has FLOWN!

Courtship Rituals (Hotch/Reid, FRT, ~10,800 words)

How much do I love this fic? THIS MUCH. It's funny, and sweet and well-paced. I love how Reid's attempts to seduce Hotch just snowball from a small awkward gesture to a much larger effort. Have I mentioned it's funny? There's not enough good humor in this fandom. Not to mention the use of Sean Hotchner in the plot, who is underused in the fandom and very well written here. Go read it.

I Never (Morgan/Reid, PG-13, ~2,600 words)

BAU + drinking games = Morgan finding out way more about his pretty boy than he or anyone else planned. This is funny in all the right spots, but it has some really poignant moments to balance it out. And all the characters are perfect. Plus, how can you resist sloppy, drunkenly affectionate Reid? How, I ask!

ETA: Bonus teeny random rec: On The Sidelines (Hotch/JJ, PG, ~500 words) ...I am trying valiantly to resist this pairing, but instead I'm falling hard (which is a bitch, because it's just about non-existent). This drabble is short but sweet and did nothing for my resolve to reseeeest, damn it. :P
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I am in need of some good threesome fic to get me through this Christmas day. Hopefully someone will be around on LJ land to help me, but even if it's after Christmas, I would still like recs. :P Really, any slash threesome would be great (as long as Gideon is not part of it), though Hotch/Morgan/Reid and Hotch/Reid/Rossi (dude, does ANYONE write this but me?) would be my first choices. NC-17 fantastic, but not required.

I have already read [ profile] nebula99's Foretold, as well as Make Your Own Luck by Anon @ [ profile] cm_exchange, and I think both are fantastic, so there are a couple of recs for all of you. Anyone have any other slash threesome fic they think is really good to rec me? *puppy eyes* Or, you know, if you want to write me fic to make my holiday slightly less abysmal, that's acceptable too. ;)
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So, some of you know, I have been doing my very best to read everything, as long as the warnings don't squick me, at [ profile] cm_exchange this month regardless of pairings. So far, I've only had to say no to two due to pairing/warnings, though I'm getting to the longer fics at a slower pace. Still, even if I'm dragging behind a bit, the attempt to read out of my comfort zone has actually found me at least one pleasant surprise! Here are my [ profile] cm_exchange recs so far.

- Make Your Own Luck (Morgan/Reid/Hotch, and various combinations within; NC-17)

GUH! This is just amazing. This fic has just a wonderful, gradual build and is laced with subtle humor. There were so many parts I love that I found it hard to contain my comment, and am actually having a hard time reccing it without wanting to blurt out all my favorite bits. LOL! Not only is the build up sweet and funny, but the sex is GORGEOUS too, and so realistic! Realistic sex = HAWT = FTW! Go read it! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

- Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (JJ/Emily; NC-17)

You read right. Not only am I reccing femslash, but I'm reccing fic with JJ in it. Guys, I love this author's style--it's really beautiful--and anyone who can make me like femslash and JJ, two things that are usually not my cuppa? WINS in my book. I really liked the second person perspective on JJ in this fic, which actually helped me appreciate her more than I usually do. Omg, and the sex is just plain STEAMING. RAWR! :D

- Watch and Learn (Hotch/Reid; PG-13)

I think it's hard to do fic with little to no dialogue well, but this one does. Morgan's "voice" is strong throughout, and I think the "silence" actually lends itself to thefic, making the the moment that Morgan witnesses [/vague] that much more intimate for it. Lovely. :)
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I suppose I'll ask this on a comm later if no one on my flist comes up with anything, but I hate asking this sort of thing on a comm. I feel oddly dorky about it, and I know I have H/R shippers on the flist...

SO, I read some absolutely GORGEOUS porn today ([ profile] albydarned's Me, Myself, and I and The Things You Learn About a Guy--and YES I KNOW I am totally the last one to the party in reading them, but if anyone else is as slow as me, I highly recommend them. :P) in an effort to alleviate my holiday malaise... and it worked....

Except that I am actually SO JONESING for some good Hotch/Reid right now... and lately, there doesn't seem to be much coming out... so those of you who've been in the fandom longer than I have, do you have any good recs? What are your favorite H/R fics? I'm CRAVING. Which is odd, I think, because I tend not to crave specific ships in this fandom, but I'm just going to go with it. Halp!
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I totally just did.

I'm not sure why I was brave enough to click the link, but I clicked and I'm glad. So, I rec, because DUDE!

Seducing the Senses by [ profile] skykissesthesea (FRT so far, Morgan/Rossi---the link I provided is too the tag for the fic on her LJ, as the chapters aren't linked in each post, sadly. Read from the bottom fic up!)

Three short chapters so far, no dialogue, and still so good. Well written, the characterization all around is spot on, and the last chapter, in particular, was HAWT. It's not the sekrit-romantic!Rossi that inhabits my head, but her (I assume) Rossi is still totally believable, and sexy as fuck. I mean, seriously sexy. *nods*

And it's Morgan/Rossi. And I LOVE it. And I'm reccing Morgan/Rossi. And... is this the Apocalypse?

Just sayin'.


In other news, my lungs might be on the floor in a few minutes if I don't stop HACKING. Near constant ingestion of soup and tea have helped the horrible sore throat, but the coughing, man. MAKE IT STOP NAO PLS. :(


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