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Got the back window of my car completely smashed out in the storms. Only one in my parking lot with more than hail dents. It sucks... But looking at the news, I'm incredibly lucky that that was all the damage I encountered, and that my friends and family are safe.

How are all the southerners out there on my flist?


Apr. 3rd, 2010 12:56 pm
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Sometimes it's really hard to juggle being a friend and being a mod.
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Why is it so damn easy to put my foot in my mouth? Er, my foot in my fingers, actually, as I was typing what made me ask this.

So anyway, I literally got no sleep last night. I got out of bed at 3am because I was just getting frustrated that I couldn't sleep. I missed taking my Geodon (the drug that's sedating) last night, and maybe my body decided to fuck itself because of it. I don't know. All I know is 1) I'm going to be chugging highly caffeinated drinks all day, and 2) I have no idea how I am going to make it through work today.

So I was reading the AA Big Book this morning, and something struck me. It's all the God language that I hate. But the book was first printed in 1939 and has remained largely the same. I've been trying to fit a 2010 concept of what "God" is or isn't into a box that was created in 1939. OF COURSE it's not going to fit. But at least now it's sunk in that it doesn't have to.

Of course, this could all just be sleep deprivation speaking. Er, typing.
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So, it's Valentine's day. Since I don't have little heart shaped cards and candies to hand out, I thought I'd say a little something to a few of the people here that are special to me.

[ profile] carolinecrane - It's always fun to meet a new fandom friend, and to find out that friend is local is even more fun. Assuming said new friend is relatively sane, of course. So I'm glad you're sane. And I'm glad we've started hanging out. It's be a lot of fun.

[ profile] coffeecocktails - You are strong and brave. Your struggles remind me to keep fighting my own battles. That's not even to mention that you went to the trouble to send me a Xmas card via [ profile] innerslytherin. I was blown away by that. Thank you.

[ profile] cordeliadelayne - You're one of my earliest fandom friends. You always seem to be there when I need support. You're awesome.

[ profile] darkhawkhealer - You are one of the most bubbly people I know. You're always around to talk, or to just be random.

[ profile] innerslytherin - I hate you... Okay, fine, I love you madly. You're my best friend. You're my wifey. You're the person I'm honest with about everything, even when it fucking sucks to be honest. You're one of the only people that has ever shown me unconditional love, even when I know sometimes that hurts. You're smart and funny and I love you. I can't tell you I love you enough. <3333333333

[ profile] mcgarrygirl78 - You're one of the most caring and giving people I've ever met online. I love that I can disagree with you, even over important things, and we still come out the other side as friends. Your friendship means a lot to me. And so do your mad neeenja skillz.

[ profile] nebula99 - I love talking to you, and I love writing with you. When we write Spencer and Diana, I don't want the scenes to end. And you'd better not punk out on writting Boosh fic with me. *eyes you*

[ profile] resolucidity - Dude, I can never forget the first time we talked. I just sort of spilled my guts on you for no good reason. Omg, how embarrassing. In retrospect, it really is. In the end, though, I'm glad that I did. We might never have started talking regularly if I hadn't, and that would have been a great loss to me. I'm so glad I know you.

[ profile] ruzila - You may not read this, but I still think you are one kick ass chick. I mean it. And gorgeous to boot! You're funny and a blast to chat with. I want to be you when I grow up. ;)

[ profile] slash_girl - You're insane. I'm serious. Totally insane. But I like that about you. And I like that I can tell you that I think you're insane about certain things *cough*Prentiss*cough*, and you don't care. Also? You give good snark. :)

To the rest of my flist: I am so glad to have met all of you. You're an all around good bunch, otherwise I would not have you friended. Thanks. And happy Vday!
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Well, I got up early today and read the first page of my flist (just the personal journals). I think I'm going to start doing that in the mornings now, since I'm getting up so much earlier than I used to. I've become really bad about reading it lately, so I'm sorry if I've been absent. I was talking to [ profile] mcgarrygirl78 this morning about what a struggle it is to get through reading something lately. But this morning I read my flist instead of vegging and watching TV (on the computer), and I feel like I had a more productive start to my morning. So I think it's a habit I need to get into.

Anyway, my "old food adventure" is going quite well so far. It's 4 to my stomach (potatoes, hominy, beans and Ramen), and 0 to the old food (not including the stuff I tossed for smelling bad). It seems, so far, that the veggies have been okay, and the pastas are not. It's like the pastas seem to be leaching metal from the can. If I open one more can of pasta that smells so strongly of metal that it makes me sick, I'm tossing it all.

So speaking of [ profile] mcgarrygirl78, I have a meme she posted, and she gave me the five words below the cut.

1. REPLY TO THIS MEME BY YELLING "MY NAME IS THE MASTER", AND I WILL GIVE YOU FIVE WORDS THAT REMIND ME OF YOU. (ETA: You don't really have to say that for me. Just tell me you want to do it.)

my five words )
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On my drive home from Xmas shopping today, I was stuck in traffic, watching the barely icy rain hit my windshield, and came up with this haiku. It seemed fitting then, that when I got home, I had a card in my mailbox from [ profile] mcgarrygirl78, as she writes them too. Monty, I didn't send out cards, but yours was so sweet; I love you too, and dedicate this haiku to you.

Tiny ice crystals
Pelting against my windshield
On the wings of rain
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] resolucidity!!! <3333
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Had a great time with [ profile] carolinecrane last night. I got clobbered (in a good way) by an excitable Golden. We ate pizza and watched But I'm a Cheerleader, which I'd always heard was good, and it was! :)

Today is the first day of a seven day stretch of work. Not looking forward to extra K this week and next. *sigh* Oh well. Came in today and there was a bunch of notices on the board, though. Apparently there was a string of robberies in this general area earlier in the week. :/

In other news, I know I already posted a vid of this band, but I'm pretty much obsessed now. Who knew I could get into electro?

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I missed this, but VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] aoibhe!!!!!

And while I'm here, since I'll have company and I don't want to make the same mistake, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] shinealightonme!!!!!

Hope you guys had/will have great birthdays!
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Eep! I missed [ profile] cordeliadelayne's birthday yesterday! I hope it was lovely, dear! If I wrote in any of your primary fandoms, you would have a drabble already, but if you happen to want a CM one instead, leave me a request. *HUGS*

I have two Dreamwidth invite codes if anyone wants them. Email me at, or comment here with your email address for me to send one to you (though I am not screening comments). First come, first served.
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This one is actually pretty cool, really. I want to actually get some of Micachu's music when I have the dough. For now, I'm just digging around the intarwebz for it.

2. Everyone of you that replied to my post earlier today is awesome. I'm still in a strop, but you all made me feel better than I was earlier. Thank you so much.


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