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Title: Make A Move
Fandom: The 100
Pairing/Characters: Jasper/Bellamy, Monty
Rating: NC-17
WC: ~3,500
Notes: Set vaguely in season one. PWP porn. Beta by the lovely [personal profile] innerslytherin.
Summary: Jasper liked to look at Bellamy when he thought Bellamy wasn't looking.

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Hey all! Haven't posted in a while here because life, but I thought I would come share my original writing FB page if anyone wanted to follow me beyond the DW/fanfic world. I'm currently writing an lgbt-friendly urban fantasy/supernatural/zombie novel. *G* I plan to self publish it this year. If you want to follow me as an author and my progress, please go like Jennifer L. Decker - Author Page on FB!

Hope you all are doing well! Leave me a comment here if you'd like; I miss chatting with you all!
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Season 9 Supernatural preview! Nearly naked Cas! MY BRAIN HAS MELTED!!!!!!


Sep. 8th, 2013 08:15 pm
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Trying to write "Five Times Castiel Refused to Dance and One Time He Didn't", with some pre-series and post-series scenes.

Staring at the screen and thinking this is stupid.

Prompts, anyone?
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Title: Ache
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: [personal profile] severity_softly
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam, Kevin, Charlie, Garth
Rating: NC-17
WC: ~13,600
Spoiler Warnings/Notes: Spoilers for all of season 8, including the finale. Angst, violence, humor, porny porn porn. Betaed by [personal profile] innerslytherin.
Summary: After Castiel loses his Grace, he finds it hard to adjust to his new life. With help from his friends, he learns how to to be human, and realizes that maybe it isn’t so bad after all.

On Lj: part 1, part 2 ||| On AO3
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Title: Worker Bees
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: [personal profile] severity_softly
Pairing: Castiel, Meg; could be read as pre-Cas/Meg, if you like
Rating: PG
WC: ~850
Summary: After Meg saves Castiel from Hester’s wrath, he decides to explore the world. Meg finds him later on a beach.
Notes/Warnings: Can be read as gen, or pre-relationship. This is a short coda to 7x21, “Reading is Fundamental”.

On LJ /// On AO3
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Ah, my DW crosspost from Saturday failed. Here 'tis:

Funeral and eulogy stuff )

The husband and I stopped at a hardware store on the way home and bought a hook to hang dad's old grow lamp, and I got the little that was left of my herbs transplanted to bigger pots. I have a very meager herb operation now. >.> I need to figure out how to make them flourish (my rosemary is dying!), then I plan to add chives and cilantro, and tomatoes and... something else that's good in containers.

Putting my dad's little handwritten plant markers to use already, though. :)
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Today was a rough day. The closer I get to Saturday, to giving this eulogy, the more and more bizarre I find myself feeling. Not creepy bizarre or anything, but today on the phones at work I was stammering, totally blanking out on things I know, and fighting some weird tremors. My hands kept shaking. I'm pretty sure dad broke my brain. Or maybe mom broke it when she asked me to do this thing.

Feeling a bit better now, but it comes and goes. On the plus side, though, I think I have a final draft of the eulogy now, though I'm not satisfied with the ending. Why is writing the ending to ANYTHING always so hard?!

Also a good thing, I when I visited mom on Wednesday, she told me I could have dad's old grow light. He had a nice garden when he was well, and apparently started the baby plants under a grow light in the garage. I have always wanted to start an indoor garden in our apartment, but never had the light. Now I do. Along with a few little plant markers in dad's handwriting; "sweet basil", "thyme", "parsley". :)

Problem is where to put my indoor garden. The obvious choice is a table we built for our three legged cat to eat on, which our new kitty uses too. It's large, out of the way, and tall enough to be a good distance from the light. Of course, kicking the cat off the table isn't going to work. She'll be all in it and probably knock pots of dirt and plant all over the floor.

The other option is a stand I have an unused fish tank on. It's not as big or tall or out of the way, but it would work... except where do I then put the fish tank. Maybe put the plants inside it? But then it may get too hot/humid in there...

Anyone have any innovative suggestions for indoor gardening?
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Reposted from LJ...

[30] Supernatural icons - mostly Castiel, some Meg, Cas/Dean, Cas/Meg, Cas/Sam (?)

 photo casfightinginside.png  photo meg20.png  photo pie.png

I learned that from the pizza man )
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Posting to DW for the first time, and testing my crossposting setting to LJ. Been on quite a hiatus from posting and fandom, but am wanting to jump back in. It seemed as thought many people were migrating here when I took my break, and I've been told this is the place to be now. So, hi again, peeps! :)

So from those who've done it, would you recommend importing the LJ journal or not? Has anyone found it to not be safe?
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I'm having a fanfic relapse. It's been a while, so be gentle... ;)

Title: Jekyll and Hyde
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
WC: ~2000
Summary: Dean works through some complicated feelings for Castiel. Sort of.
Notes/Warnings: Slightly dark. Angry sex (sort of). Hints of Leviathan!Cas. Takes place mid-season 7, and I totally meant for it to be a light, fluffy drabble, but it didn’t cooperate. :P Also, this is my first SPN fic, and I’ve only actually gotten mid-season 7 in the series yet, so I would appreciate no spoilers. :)

Jekyll and Hyde )

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So the editor of a website I was writing Dancing With The Stars reviews for emailed me to ask if I could do it this season (along with normal pleasantries--hope your well, yada yada). I'm trying to think of a polite way to say I'll do it if I get paid this time. Obviously if he wants me back, he thinks I have something to offer. Maybe that with my busy schedule (he doesn't need to know I'm not THAT busy) and ill parents, I can't afford to devote much time to something that won't bring in a little extra money? I don't know. Suggestions?

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My mom had surgery on Wednesday to remove the lump in her breast. Apparently, they also got her PET scan results back as well, which showed that the cancer had spread to one of her lymph nodes just behind the ribcage. Obviously they couldn't get to that easily with surgery, so they are hoping the chemo and radiation get it.

So we spent ten hours at the hospital Wednesday. They were only going to let one person go back with mom before the surgery, but dad insisted on being the one going back, and when the nurse saw how weak he was, she let my sister help him back. They got him a wheelchair after that.

We slowly worked our way to the comfy seats in the crowded waiting room as people got news they could go see their loved ones. At one point the hospital's alarm went off, calling out a "red alert", and everyone in the entire waiting just stared at the alarms, looking mutinous, unmoving. Give up our seats that we worked for all day? Make dad get up and go anywhere in his state? Yeah, we'll take our chances.

Anyway, she got through surgery ok, but we got a call from the nurse after it when she was in recovery saying mom was fine, but crying and upset, and she couldn't get her to calm down. Why? Because she was worried about dad. She needed to know that he was ok, warm, and had eaten. The nurse had apparently agreed to call the waiting room to ask about dad as a last ditch effort to get mom to relax. *sigh* They are a mess. A sweet mess, but a mess nonetheless.

They put in a port, which looked nothing like I expected. She's in a lot of pain, so they kept her for a couple nights, and she's back home tonight. It's been a tiring couple of days, though. Between the stress of the surgery, dad's state (health-wise, and emotionally--he actually broke down a couple of times), and the fact that mom won't shut up even on pain pills. Lol! Seriously, Thursday she was telling the nurses her whole life story, in between lecturing me on everything from my job to washing my veggies really well before eating them. I wish I was joking.

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So been thinking, where do failures congregate? I'm the only one I know. My coworkers are all either in a career they want, or are seriously working toward something. My whole family has led good lives. Maybe if I was around other failures, I wouldn't be so depressed. Maybe I should get a shitty, minimum wage retail job and live with all the other people whose dreams are dying.

Hey, maybe that's how I can eventually be my own boss. I can build a farm where me and the the other losers can roam free with our own kind. We could invite school children to come and see us, ask us questions. It would be like Scared Straight, but just on how not to waste your life.


So today was long. I worked fewer hours than normal, but it dragged. It always does. But I got to snuggle a bit with a sweet, special needs dog. You know, they say spending time with animals can help your emotional well-being. Maybe the moments I get to spend free time with the dogs and cats will help offset the emotionally damaging parts.

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Just watched Dr. Who 7x2 (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship), and kinda want Doctor/Rory fic? It has GOT to be out there. Any recs? Preferably AU (were Rory/Amy never happened) and/or not mean to Amy (I'm not a huge Amy fan, but any character bashing is usually just shitty writing), but if it's well written, I'll try it.

In fact, good Dr. Who recs in general would be lovely, though I generally dislike Rose and can't say I'm sold on the idea of any Doctor/companion fics...

I am only through 7x2 now, so spoiler warnings are great. At the rate I'm going, I'll be caught up soon, though. On to 7x3 now!!!

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Sooooo I just started watching Dr. Who this year, and have finished season 4, and am mostly through season 5... And I am still "mourning" Donna. Been watching The Catherine Tate Show and the episodes of Nevermind The Buzzcocks she was on. Anyone have any other Catherine Tate recs?

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Was this week's CM ep totally nonsensical, or is it me? It seemed like it went 20 different directions, then fizzled out at the end!

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So... remember me? No, seriously.

I am back for an update, for those who care. I FINALLY finished season 7 of Criminal Minds JUST NOW, and I wanted to talk about it. And this is the place I do that! But I realized as I turned on the tablet, that SO much has changed. I can't remember what all you know, and I'm too lazy to read back through old entries.

Hey, I'm updating here, and that's a big enough step, right? lol

First and foremost, I GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THE HOTEL BUSINESS AND HAVE A NEW JOB! So, if I never mentioned it, I left the hotel I'd been at for 5 years and went to another one under the same management. It wasn't really much of a change, as it was even at the same exit, so yeah. But the front desk manager had walked out on short notice, and I was still hoping I'd get promoted. And guess what? A few months later, they offered me the supervisor job... and I turned it down. FORMER JOB BS )

I really think moving hotels was an attempt by me to stall the inevitable. I was hoping for the best, but I know I felt like it was a last ditch effort to change jobs without actually having to do something scary and REALLY change jobs. I interviewed in August at a vet's office, though, and she said she wanted to offer me the job, but had a schedule change with her current staff, and probably wouldn't have a full time spot open until the fall. When I emailed her again at the start of the semester, she was excited and said she was just about to contact me again. I started on the 12th!

It's looong days (10 hours), which sucks while I'm there, but it means I get more days off during the week. The husband works 10 hour days too, and has for a while, so we now have the same hourly schedule, even if our days aren't the same. I worry a little, because it never seems like there's enough to do to fill 10 hours most days, but I think it's gonna take a while for me to relax in a new place. And I feel relatively secure, as they keep telling me that a lot of people start the job, expecting it to be playing with puppies all day instead of actual work, and usually only lasted a few hours to a few weeks. I think they were so interested in me because I worked at the shelter for a while.

One of the vet techs the other day said they were worried they'd scare me away, because they just sort of threw me into it without a whole lot of training... meanwhile I worry that I might not be doing things right, because they threw me in. She said they would tell me if I wasn't, and I guess it's a good sign that they are "worried" I might leave. I just really want to be doing enough to get a raise after 90 days. I'm not making a whole lot more than I was at the hotel, but it's still more, and I discussed a possible raise based on performance after my probationary period was over.

ZOMG, this got long, and the husband is now poking his head into the bedroom and demanding to be fed. I guess I will have to come back to talk about CM later. Needless to say, I thought this season was way better than 6, and I plan to actually keep up this year instead of watching it all months after it aired. I was seriously watching episodes from January over the summer, seeing commercials for Rick Santorum, and going "WTF?! That idiot is back in the race?! What the--Oh wait, this was recorded months ago. *headdesk*"

Just one thing, though, before I go... Prentiss in that dress in the finale? ROOOOOOWWWWWR.

How is yous guys???
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Hey, guys! I don't have an update, but I have a plea. My husband created this t-shirt design for, and if it wins, it could be made, and we'd profit from it a little. It would be awesome if you guys could go give a score. Five is the highest. Thanks!

Flying Skull - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
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I'm sitting here having slash fantasies about political analysts. I'm sicker in the head than I thought, aren't I? But get a load of "LAMBCHOP" and tell me you don't see it too! Unnnngh.

(Hope the link works; couldn't figure out how to embed from any of the browsers on my tablet.)


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