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If anyone is having trouble coming up with what to say to CBS/its affiliates/people and organizations that could get us media attention for the Save the CM Ladies campaign, [ profile] jl_decker has a helpful post HERE that might help you out.
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For any of you Criminal Minds people who care about personal choice, please go vote NO on this poll.

My reasoning here, but there are many other good points made as well.

I can't BELIEVE how many people are voting yes. I actually really pisses me off. They are talking about not only deleting posts, but BANNING people as well, over something that should be completely up to the poster's discretion.

ETA: [ profile] sodoesracheal puts it more succinctly than I do: "Moderator of a community and ruler of a community are two different things. Some people have legitimate reasons for disabling comments. Taking the choice away is wrong."

And you know, I think this is what gets down to what bothers me the most about this. I can't even remember the last time I posted fic to that comm, and to the best of my knowledge I have never disabled comments there either. I haven't seen the point yet. Yet even as someone the rule would have never affected as of yet, allowing comments or not on a post that is not offensive is a personal choice (just as deciding whether or not to click a link to a discussion held elsewhere is), and taking away our choice is wrong and abuse of power by the mods.

ETA2: Fuck it. This is all just going to get wanky if I keep replying. I am angered by a couple comments made, but I have no interest in wank.

Vote NO. IJS.
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spoilers for cm 5x02 )
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THIS is exactly the sort of thing that makes me paranoid to friend anyone else again ever. Whether or not the screen capped post is for real, just the fact that someone would do that to someone else is disgusting. If it IS real, that's even worse, and it makes me sick.

I am THIS close to unfriending that comm myself, like others on my flist have. The level of utterly stupid and/or hateful posts lately makes me cringe.
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People are sort of lame sometimes. If you're going to leave me a comment questioning how appropriate my fanmix post was to post in a community, you could at least leave the comment up so I could reply. The only community I posted to yesterday that I wasn't sure about (paget_brewster), I PMed a mod and double checked that it was ok. The "cm fanfic comm" I posted to? Well the only comm I can think of that's primarily fic is MY fic comm. Well, mine and Innerslytherin's. And given the mix was related to a fic there and I wanted to tag it with the fic (and that Innerslytherin posted her Dave/Aaron mix that related to The Expansion of Two Natures there for the same reason), YES, I do think it was appropriate.

Okay. That's off my chest. Wouldn't have to do it here, but person DELETED their comment. I would have been SO much more polite if I could have replied directly, but that shit annoys me. *ahem*

Anyway, the husband got home last night at 12:30, and we watched Conflicted (the second time for me). I asked off work today, so I could stay up. I've found he's way more inclined to watch CM after the fact with me than he is to get his cute butt off WoW at 9pm on a Wednesday.

spoilers for Conflicted--initial reaction vs rewatch reaction, and some fanish shippy stuff too (not the shippy stuff most slashers thought was obvious, either) )


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