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Was this week's CM ep totally nonsensical, or is it me? It seemed like it went 20 different directions, then fizzled out at the end!

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Psst. [ profile] jl_decker has an opinion editorial about the CM spin-off here. Go read, love, comment... All that jazz.
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spoilers for cm 5x02 )

CM promo

Sep. 2nd, 2009 01:19 pm
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Reaction to the new Criminal Minds season five promo (spoilers, obviously) under the cut. I don't think it's spoilery, really, but just in case... click at your own discretion: Read more... )
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More a reaction to the episode than a spoiler. Read more... )
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How ridiculous is it that Gube accepts my friend request on Myspace and I get all squeeful? *headdesk*

I'm considering messaging him to see if I can ask him some questions for TTC. What? It's legit! I've heard he replies if it's "important", and the worst he could do is say no, if he replies at all. I can live with that.

Is this ridiculous of me? >.>
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Recap and Review of Amplification at

(OMG there was SO MUCH in this ep. I barely scratched the surface! *sigh*)
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spoilers inside )
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My story! Technically only the "The Two Cents"/"TTC" questions were mine. The others were ones I thought of but others got to first. :P But whatever, I talked to Tim Roth, dudes! :D

TwoCents and Five Questions with Tim Roth

Also, Angelique was nice enough to cover CM's Roadkill for me, so if you would like to read/leave her a comment, the R&R is here.
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Recap and review of Criminal Minds, The Big Wheel, and Parks and Recreation, Boy's Club.

Comments to the original TTC posts are love. And now at the new site, it's easier! :)


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