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Jul. 26th, 2010 08:33 am
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I want to spend some time this weekend reading fic. Anything you've read recently that is really good? Criminal Minds, Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, and Snuff Box recs welcome. If recing CM, no Hotch/Prentiss, Reid/Prentiss, Morgan/Garcia, Gideon, or Strauss, but everything else is a go. If recing Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd or Snuff Box (ha! If there IS any SB fic!), I'll read anything!
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After conversations in comments in my last post, I've decided to break down and ask the parents if I can use their treadmill. It'll get me back into working out, and make them feel better about "never" seeing me. Win-win, right?

So I'm trying the Couch to 5K thing again, this time on a treadmill that I know won't try to do me in, and I'm making work out playlists. Anyone have good walking/running music they want to rec me? DLs would be great, but I can also capture music off Youtube if I can find it there. :) Bring it on, guys!
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I woke up this morning with a hankering for HP Snape fic, a very specific kind. Anyone on the flist have a rec for fic in which Snape has a sex change? Something good and convincing, and preferably Snape/Lupin (though I'll take Snape/any breathing male, really).
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Okay, so [ profile] innerslytherin and I are ahead of the game (as usual) on our series fics, Fathers Are Not Born and Conscious of Our Treasures. We were recently writing the installment of FANB due for April (I think), which deals a little with childhood bullying. As a result, I (and my Spencer muse) were think a lot about Spencer's childhood... and I was thinking about canon and Diana Reid, when I realized that part of what was "canon" in my head had actually come from a fic, Coming Home by [ profile] nebula99 (which I've recced so many times now that it's almost getting embarrassing *blush*). Since the fic happened to be so close to my personal ideas about Spencer's youth, and because we don't have a huge amount of back story (not so much we can't fill in gaps), this fic had become as good as canon in my head. I had to reread the fic to find out if Diana Reid had said what I thought she said in canon or the fic. It had been said in the fic, even as my head was trying to place it firmly in canon.

So it got me thinking, do you all have any fics that ring so true to you that they are as good as canon in your heads? Generally I wouldn't think of shippy fic this way, but I suppose it could be if you really believe certain ships are canon. Could be someone else's fic, or your own (we all have fics we wrote that are canon to us!), but I'd like to know what they are, if you have them! :)
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I am in need of some good threesome fic to get me through this Christmas day. Hopefully someone will be around on LJ land to help me, but even if it's after Christmas, I would still like recs. :P Really, any slash threesome would be great (as long as Gideon is not part of it), though Hotch/Morgan/Reid and Hotch/Reid/Rossi (dude, does ANYONE write this but me?) would be my first choices. NC-17 fantastic, but not required.

I have already read [ profile] nebula99's Foretold, as well as Make Your Own Luck by Anon @ [ profile] cm_exchange, and I think both are fantastic, so there are a couple of recs for all of you. Anyone have any other slash threesome fic they think is really good to rec me? *puppy eyes* Or, you know, if you want to write me fic to make my holiday slightly less abysmal, that's acceptable too. ;)
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I suppose I'll ask this on a comm later if no one on my flist comes up with anything, but I hate asking this sort of thing on a comm. I feel oddly dorky about it, and I know I have H/R shippers on the flist...

SO, I read some absolutely GORGEOUS porn today ([ profile] albydarned's Me, Myself, and I and The Things You Learn About a Guy--and YES I KNOW I am totally the last one to the party in reading them, but if anyone else is as slow as me, I highly recommend them. :P) in an effort to alleviate my holiday malaise... and it worked....

Except that I am actually SO JONESING for some good Hotch/Reid right now... and lately, there doesn't seem to be much coming out... so those of you who've been in the fandom longer than I have, do you have any good recs? What are your favorite H/R fics? I'm CRAVING. Which is odd, I think, because I tend not to crave specific ships in this fandom, but I'm just going to go with it. Halp!


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